4K in Motion/Graphics Card/Export Settings

Posted by alwerj 
4K in Motion/Graphics Card/Export Settings
May 09, 2010 03:23PM
Hi all, I am attempting to process a (JPEG large) timelapse in Motion with dimensions of 3872x2592 (roughly 4K), but I get a warning saying that the project is too large for the capacities of the computer. I have a Mac Pro 2.8 ghz Quad with 16 gigs of Ram and a black magic hdlink, and ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT. Is it just the graphics card? I am upgrading to a Radeon 4870 tomorrow, and hope that solves the problem.

Once that is solved I have this question: I am processing some filters on the original (4K), then I plan on exporting as a video clip, then using the new video clip in a new motion project to do zooms etc. at standard HD quality. Any recommendations on what settings to use when exporting the 4K clip- so that I can properly incorporate into the new 1920 x 1080i project?

Thanks, for any replies.
Re: 4K in Motion/Graphics Card/Export Settings
May 10, 2010 07:54AM
It's your graphics card. The texture limit on the 4870 is 8K so you should be ok. I'd export at 1920x1080 using ProRes HQ.
Re: 4K in Motion/Graphics Card/Export Settings
May 10, 2010 03:58PM
Thanks Mark, I was actually wondering if I could export the clip in its native resolution (with filters processed), then re-import. Otherwise if I employ the filters + the changes in scale, origin etc. at the same time the filters render with unwanted side effects. So if exporting at this odd resolution, should I still just choose ProRes HQ as the codec? Will it work properly at these resolutions?

-Aloha, Alex
Re: 4K in Motion/Graphics Card/Export Settings
May 10, 2010 04:07PM
Seems like you are mixing up codecs (e.g., ProRes) and resolution (e.g., 1920x1080). I can't tell what you are trying to achieve.
Re: 4K in Motion/Graphics Card/Export Settings
May 16, 2010 12:18AM
I wasn't sure if you could use ProRes with a custom resolution of roughly 4k quality.

By the way I got the 4870 card installed it and I had the same problem as before. I ended up unplugging one of my monitors, then restarting the computer, and now I can get a max resolution of 4096x4096, if I increase to 16 or 32 bit the resolution capabilities decrease.

Any recommendations on a monitor to use? I will next try to hook up to my broadcast monitor and see what that will give me. It seems however that Motion works off of the monitor that has the least resolution, and keeps the threshold at its capacities.
4K in Apple Motion ?
May 17, 2010 09:22AM

I thought Motion was limited to 2k

Has 4k been added in version 4 ?

I ask because a client want's to work with it's Red footage

Edit : I just created a sequence in Fcp with a 4k footage (happens to be ProRes 4444) and sent it to Motion with success.

But now what if client insists on working with Red native footage in Fcp and Motion ? (Like sending it from Premiere to AfterEffects)

A QuickTime file, from the cam, pointing to Red raw original 4k file will be ok in Fcp.

What will happen if I send it to Motion ? (from my Fcp timeline ) ?

Either 2k or 4k

thanks for the inputs
Re: 4K in Apple Motion ?
May 20, 2010 12:17AM
It's not Motion that is the limitation, it is your graphics card. Depending on the card, you can go up to 2K, 4K, or 8K.
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