Integration of FCP with Motion

Posted by L.Sabia.Byrne 
Integration of FCP with Motion
April 22, 2011 06:45PM
Hi all

I have a question about the usage of FCP and Motion together and its something that Ive been finding to be a continuing stumbling block with existing projects so I was hoping to find out that there is an easy way around the problem with a little help from the community

So, the user manuals explain in fine detail how to take elements of an FCP project into Motion, work on it and send it back in the round tripping process. This is no problem for me.

A lot of the work that I am having to do are actually primarily Motion projects with the video content being supplemental to the action Motion project itself. The problem I'm having is that a lot of the video that I do for the Motion projects is being done in FCP. In Motion though I cant draw the video elements from FCP into an existing Motion project which I am finding even more difficult if the FCP sequence is comprised of Subclips. I cant send separate FCP video sequences to the same Motion projects either and if the video sequences are comprised of subclips I cant save them as individual elements on my hardrives so that I can access them from Motion in the new location sum it up, how on earth do I take numerous video sequences comprised of existing subclips in FCP into an existing Motion project?

ANY help in a working process would be HUGELY appreciated guys

Many thanks
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