Messed up Render (newbie question)

Posted by JayCarr 
Messed up Render (newbie question)
May 19, 2011 12:25AM
I just don't even know where to start on this one:

The idea is that I was going to lower the camera and zoom in on the text (which also has a thin underling that used the String style preset, made from a line, not yet animated). I have two stationary spotlights, set to wide and then one point light that moves across the text so the shadow moves across the background. I used a vertical and horizontal rectangle to create a backdrop... I thought it would be pretty simple but rendering has been a pain and a half.

Firstly, I can only render in draft quality, with no motion blur. Elsewise Motion will ballon to 2.5 gigs of RAM used, and then crash. When it does render, it looks like the video above.

This is the first time I've rendered a 3D scene, and I'm at a lose. I've tried googling and what not... I just don't know where to begin. Anyone know what this might be?

PS -- Just completed a render with no lighting or shadows, I had no corruption. So I figure that's part of the problem. Sadly, I kind of need the lighting and the shadows... I'm working on one with lighting but no shadows. I'll update if it turns anything up.

PPS -- The render with just the lighting went fine as well. I'm watching the render with just the shadows, and I can already see the corruption. So, it has something to do with the shadows. Any thoughts?

My Computer:
iMac 27" @ 3.1 ghz (quad core i5)
8gb of RAM
ATI Radeon 6970 w/ 2GB of VRAM (the brand new one).
Motion 4.0.3

Output File:
Quicktime Mov
Used both mpeg-4 and .h264 and got the same result

I do need to put these clips online... I'm kind of new. If there's another format that will work for this, please tell me.
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