Freeze frame and pan

Posted by rickman 
Freeze frame and pan
July 11, 2013 05:53PM
I know everyone has seen this effect because I see it everywhere. The first really profound cut I saw using this was a video/commercial a few years back. I think it was a Phillips spot made for the web. It involved clowns robbing a bank. If you have not seen it by all means google it.

More recently its used in "Person of Interest" on CBS. The opening sequences use it and it pops up during the show also.
Looks like a freeze frame of a street scene or big plaza, cause nobody's moving, but the camera is panning across the scene and you can look behind the folks standing in front, which is more like video than a Ken Burns pan.

How do you do it?

Re: Freeze frame and pan
July 18, 2013 06:24PM
Found it! and its way more complicated.
The shot i mentioned on the "Person of Interest" seems to actually be slow motion video. Closer examination reveals its not a still frame at all.
I found the actual effect i was seeking on the Film Riot site.
They used a computerized motion control rig from Kessler. And some spiffy software...
Very cool but unfortunately out of my budget for now.
If you want to see how they did it check out the episode - The Frozen in time Effect!

Re: Freeze frame and pan
January 23, 2016 05:14AM
Pan & Zoom is intended for use with still images that are larger than your video frame size. If you want to do panning and zooms on a freeze frame, you should use Resize or 3d Warp. You can hire this munnar call taxi for any tours and travels program of your family. They are providing secured and comfortable cabs.
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