Will STP work with FCP 4.5 and 10.3.9??

Posted by Geoffrey 
So glad you guys created this forum! My question is will I be able to get my current config to work with Soundtrac Pro? Dual 2 G5 with FCP 4.5 and 10.3.9, 4 gigs ram, 1/2T internal, 1T external sata array. Realize I'll have to get QT 7 also, been holding off on that...yes I'm in the middle of a project but really want to use STP instead of Peak/Deck which I just got...don't really need the benefits of the rest of the FCP 5 & Tiger upgrades at the moment, will wait til the current project is over...is this going to work?
Re: Will STP work with FCP 4.5 and 10.3.9??
May 06, 2005 10:11PM
as it gets closer there might be a clarification but from the specs sheets it looks like it needs FCP 5 for exporting directly to STP (you could just export AIFF's and then inport those into STP)

(also Tiger gives ya a VERY COOL AU Pitch plugin (there are other cools things with Tiger as well)

David at Movies Rock in Toronto
Answered my own question...Just got Soundtrack Pro today and it seems stable running on my dual 2 ghz G5 with 4 gb RAM and 1T storage on OS 10.3.9 and FCP 4.5 and Quicktime 7. Holding off on a Tiger/FCP5 upgrade until I finish a couple of features in progress.
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