Making an Audio CD with chapters.

Posted by Rob 
Making an Audio CD with chapters.
May 08, 2005 10:24PM
Is it possible to make an Audio CD with chapters on FCP timeline? Or would I be better off using Soundtrack. I want to include chapter marks between songs so I can skip a song if I want. What would be the best method using finasl cut or Soundtrack?
Re: Making an Audio CD with chapters.
May 08, 2005 11:09PM
you would need to use a program like Waveburner (inlcuded with Logic), Roxie Toast with Jam, or Peak

any of these programs can create RED BOOK audio cd's

if you don't need it to be RED BOOK compliant then just use iTunes to burn your CD and just make each song a track so you can skip

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Re: Making an Audio CD with chapters.
May 09, 2005 07:18AM
love the idea, dont know if it would work.

here's how i;d do it in FCP:

first control click on the track, and make independant
rather than markers, blade the sections you want.
open item properties for the sections (conrol click, or park on the clip, and Apple 9) and re-name them.

make a new bin, drag the timeline clips to the bin,
select the bin, and file menu: batch export.


make self contained, use in/outs

this'll give you each track as it;s own file which you can bring into toast.

you're approach would be a lot easier

THanks for responding . I want to keep in the transitions from one song to the next so wouldn't splitting them be a problem there? I have Toast and can bring them in independantly but then I don't get one song leading into the next. I just get the end then the beginning of the next after a couple of seconds of silence between songs.
Re: Making an Audio CD with chapters.
May 09, 2005 06:31PM
in toast you set the pause between the songs to zero seconds.
i just select them all, and contorl click on "pause" and choose zero.

the first has to be 2 seconds, but you toast then offers to do it or you if you start the burn, so i just do that.

i've made seamless CDs this way.

IF however you need to split transitions in FCP that's another matter.
if theres a lot youd be better off exporting your whole timeline, as an AIFF.
re-importing it, drop it back into the timeline so you can use the markers as guides, then split it up and batch export.


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