sp shows doubled music loops

Posted by Max Hoffmann 
so i upgraded to fcp 5 and startet looking into sountrack pro and discovered that there are two of each music loop. i guess i double installed the music loops which where already on my previous system that came with the original soundtrack. any ideas what to do?



Re: sp shows doubled music loops
June 01, 2005 09:26PM
You may be able to just dump that folder and reinstall ST Pro loops someplace else. Seems to me the easiest solution.

Michael Horton
Re: sp shows doubled music loops
June 01, 2005 11:41PM
I had double loops too. I mucked about and found that STP created a separate folder for loops rather than overwrite the Soundtrack loops. Hence you have both ST and STP loops. You can probably delete the folder with the original ST loops. Actually best to move them off to another location and check to make sure you're not losing any loops that might not exist in the new STP folder.

In STP, go into the Search Tab. Click on Setup and you will see where your loops reside, whether they are indexed and whether the check box is checked which determines whether they show up in your Search (list of loops).

I have:
Macintosh HDgrinning smileyocumentsconfused smileyoundtrack Loops (these are the old ST loops and reports 4112)
Macintosh HD:Library:Audio:Aplle Loops:Apple Loops for Soundtrack Pro (and reports 5211 loops)

Uncheck top box so the ST loops don't appear in STP. Delete them if you're brave.
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