Trouble with subclips in STP

Posted by Henrik Helms 
I have trouble getting STP working with subclips from FCP5
The ones giving me a problem, are trax where I have been making subclips from original material. When these subclips are taken over in Soundtrack Pro they have the names of the original material and not the new names I have given them in the subclips - and if eg. the clips begins 1 sec after the beginning of the subclip - Soundtrack Pro go 1 sec into the original clip and uses that.
The clips in the timeline which are not subclips are working fine.
If I have a original clips make an in and outpoint and take it to the timeline - and then go back to the viewer and from the same in and outpoint make a subclip and take the subclip to the timeline and place it after the original clip.
I select all in the timeline and ctrl click on the clips and take them to the Soundtrack Pro. The first clip plays fine and works without any problems - the next clips which is my subclip is wrong - the title af the clip is the title of the sourceclip and it plays from the start of the source clip.
I have also tried to make the clip independant but without any luck. It still wont work in STP. It seems to me like it is a XML problem - but I do not know how to solve it.

Greetings Henrik
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