Soundtrack Pro Scripts

Posted by Steve Morris 
Soundtrack Pro Scripts
June 20, 2005 06:02PM
I was vewry excited to read about the soundtrack pro scripts but I have had a great deal of trouble with them. I have a lot of interview footage that was poorly recorded (75 shots total and after fixing one of them with Normalize, reduce noise and eq, I wanted to apply these actions to the other 74 clips.

I have already cut these clips into various sequences in a large project and I wanted these changes to apply to all uses of the clips throughout the project. Unfortunately, when I tried to send several clips to that script a strange thingg happened. Both the normalize and the reduce noise did not seem to work properly, so the sound that came back didn't sound as good as it had on the clip I had done by hand.

Even worse, after a few clips, SoundTrack Pro would randomly start applying the scrip to only the first half of the clip. The second half would remain untouched. I tried opening the "half fixed" clips in STP and running the script on the unaffected half but this did not end up sounding the same as the first half.

I tried opeing my audio in soundtrack from FCP using the "Send to audio Audio Project" option. This worked fine but there was a downside. A lot of this audio has already been cut up in my sequence. AFter I fixed the audio and returned to FCP I noticed that only the segment I had "sent" had been fixed. The other pieces of audio from the same video clip had remained the same. Sending them each individualy would take a long time but I decided to try it. However, when I did it opened up the already corrected audio I had previously sent. Correcting this audio would mean doubling up on the effects. The only solution I came up with was to recut in the audio from the corrected audio but this is a big pain in the ass.

I'm only a few days old on this software so i'm sure I'm missing something. How do I make this workflow work?


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