Control Surfaces - recording keyframes in Soundtrack Pro

Posted by Andy Field 
Forgive my ignorance...but a few questions for the more experienced in this.

1. wil Tascam US-428 (USB connection only) work as a control surface in STP? It seems it will only work with Firewire controllers - Tascam's web site's not much help even though I installed new drivers (running Tiger latest etc)

2. What control surfaces do any of you recommend?

3. Can you record keyframes in real time in STP as you can in FCP? (using faders on screen or control surface - doesn't seem to be an intuitive way to do that..but I'm probably missing something.

4. Will the control surface work with FCP 5 too?

Thanks for your help/advice -- from an editor who wants to give up the mouse and manual keyframes for mixing! Andy Field
Re: Control Surfaces - recording keyframes in Soundtrack Pro
June 28, 2005 11:28PM
1. the US 428 only send BASIC MIDI control NOT Mackie Control Protocal which is what FCP 5 and STP use

2. the Mackie control universal is the best and uses a MIDI interface. Tascam makes 3 control surfaces that use MCP as well the 1082 1884 and 2400 with the 1082 and 1884 both being audio interfaces as well as control surfaces (the MCU and 2400 are control only)

3. should be able to

4. yes if it supports MCP like the ones listes in answer 2 it will work in both

David at Movies Rock in Toronto
Dave -

thanks for quick an email from Tascam tech support - which seems to think their US 428 WILl work with FCP5/STP - although I can't get it to show up

Anyone who knows how to record volume control keyframes in STP in real time - please let me know - thanks Andy
Re: Control Surfaces - recording keyframes in Soundtrack Pro
June 29, 2005 12:15AM
well everything on Tascams web site says that the US 428 ONLY suppports Basic Midi NOT MCP which is what STP and FCP 5 supports so unless the update the 428 they are wrong

David at Movies Rock in Toronto
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