Ripple Delete and Ripple Cut & Moving Envelopes - tip

Posted by craig seeman 
Ripple Delete and Ripple Cut & Moving Envelopes - tip
July 29, 2005 01:20PM
Many people have complained that you can't move Volume envelopes with sound files in STP. Yes you can. Unfortunately neither Ripple Delete nor Ripple Cut is documented beyond mentioning the key strokes (without explanation) in the manual. The manual does state that Timeslices includes envelope.

I believe the mistake people are making is trying to mouse select a sound file directly and expecting it to "carry" the envelope points. That will only act on the sound file though, not the volume or pan envelope.

Correct method to move both sound file and envelopes:

Select a "Timeslice" using the "selection bar" as per page 229 in the manual.

Ripple Delete will pull up the audio files AND their volume (and pan) envelopes on the selected tracks.

Ripple Cut will do the above AND allow you to either Paste (overwrite) or Paste insert which will push back the volume (and pan) envelopes that follow on the selected tracks.

Copy will also allow you to copy the sound file and its volume and pan envelope and paste elsewhere.

Craig Seeman
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