is there voice speech reading?

Posted by chaar 
is there voice speech reading?
August 06, 2006 02:27AM

Is there a function in the Soundtrack Pro where i can type out a sentence or a sales jingle, and have computer voices read out what I type?

Or is there such a default function in the G5 Power mac?

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Re: is there voice speech reading?
August 06, 2006 04:48PM
No, not is STP. Apple has been working with speach synthesis for years now and MacOS X has some built in capabilities but, a program to speak back typed words, is not available that I am aware of.

Re: is there voice speech reading?
September 17, 2006 05:19PM
there has been a speech reading feature in the mac OS for years. go into system preferences and go to speech, then into text to speech. you can set a keycombo that will speak anything you have selected in pretty much any application.

but to my knowledge, you cant record it while its speaking. if you want to do that, you'll need an external recording device (camera, deck, tape recorder, mini disc, another mac...) hooked to your sound out, then come back and capture that.
Re: is there voice speech reading?
November 03, 2006 11:58PM
You might be able to record it via Audio Hijack Pro by Rogue Amoeba.
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