OMF Soundtrack Pro FCP Export

Posted by fookai 
OMF Soundtrack Pro FCP Export
October 19, 2006 09:59AM

I'm working on a project in FCP that will have to go out for audio sweeting in a pro tools session.
I've been using Soundtrack Pro to Normalize some of the quiet parts of my clips, while still in FCP. I send my clips from the FCP timeline to Soundtrack Pro, Normalize them, then save the Soundtrack Pro project to include the source audio, and the changes are automatically reflected in my clip from my original FCP timeline. Now I assume the new audio level is linked to the Soundtrack Pro file. Question: Will my new Soundtrack Pro normalized clip be congruent in the OMF file I want to export, or will the OMF file only have the original quiet audio?

Re: OMF Soundtrack Pro FCP Export
October 25, 2006 07:50PM
I think the answer is that the modified file resides in FCP once returned from Soundtrack. So, your answer is that yes, it should be included in the OMF.

If you use a sound application to modify audio on video, the modifications are permanent after any renders are done, so be sure you render any necessary parts of the timeline first.
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