Audio hangs up and is out of sync

Posted by chrisrash 
Audio hangs up and is out of sync
April 24, 2008 12:42PM
My situation is a bit of a mess. The project that I've been working on started as a 29.97 NTSC FCP project (so we could work with smaller media) that became 23.98 Apple ProRes once we got the HD masters that the DV NTSC tapes had been copied from. Conforming the video was much easier than I had envisioned with only a few little hangups here and there caused by the process of going from 30 to 24 fps.

Now I have sent the cut sequences to STP, expecting everything to be fine. But there are hangups in the audio and occasionally the sound is way behind picture (even though it's in sync in FCP). Could this have something to do with the change in frame rate or the fact that some of the audio is not 16-bit/48k AIFF and STP is having to read it in real time? Most of the media is on firewire 400 or 800 drives.

Anyone have any experience with these problems?
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