Do I Need XML-Pro

Posted by tangierc 
Do I Need XML-Pro
May 19, 2008 12:25PM
Just doing a little research here folks. I am working on strategies for workflows between FCP and Pro Tools 7.4 LE and FCP and Soundtrack Pro 2.

I was looking into the XML-Pro software ( feature information and can't tell if it was written back when STP 1 was introduced or version 2.

Essentially I want to know if the claims are still valid with the availability of STP 2, or has STP 2 taken care of these issues?
Re: Do I Need XML-Pro
August 31, 2008 10:20AM
Have you progresed in your workflows between FCP and Pro Tools 7.4 LE?
I'm in the same place than you but 3 months later.
I bought XML-Pro.
Next week I will do some tests. I will let you know.
Re: Do I Need XML-Pro
August 31, 2008 06:37PM
Jose, I haven't had any opportunity to use XML-PRO, but we are very happy with Soundtrack Pro 2 (not version 1) and Logic 8 if necessary for our workflow. Particularly, we've been able to replace ProTools with Soundtrack Pro 2 for our needs which ranges from industrials to broadcast.

We had lots of problems with Final Cut to Pro Tools workflow. Ideally we should have bought the digitranslator, but didn't want to expense it since we realized how Soundtrack Pro 2 could benefit our already Apple workflow.

The problem we have now is many of our projects are in Pro Tools file format and we want to have them saved in an AAF, OMF or XML format that other programs can use. Essentially we want to be able to migrate the project files out of Pro Tools. I was just going to post on craigslist and see if someone could convert the files (source media not necessary) and email or FTP them back so we can use them in Soundtrack Pro or other audio apps.

Digidesign seems to nickle and dime for basic features and we don't like that. Nor do we like being so locked into their format.

Has the XML-Pro software worked well for you?
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