STP Questions, Mix deadline approaching!

Posted by grimepoch 
STP Questions, Mix deadline approaching!
May 20, 2008 10:31AM
Hello All!

I am working on mixing the audio of a full length film that I just found out has to be to the distributor by June 30th. While I use Logic ALL the time and am very proficient with it, I am new to Sound Track Pro and have been having a ton of trouble with it lately that I am hoping I can get some help/insight.

(1) I have a 34Mbyte ambient noise clip that I am using a small portion of. If I copy and past that small portion, STP registers using 100+ more Mbytes of RAM. Paste it again and the same thing. I don't understand if I am pasting a clip that references an audio file, why more RAM should get used? The audio file should be loaded once into memory. Needless to say, a few pastes and I max out the RAM at 3.7G and Sound Track Pro stops working right and cannot save. (The machine has 7 Gig, but it appears I can only use 3.7G not 4.0G for some reason.

(2) When I double click on a clip, and then I go apply effects that that clip, if I close the clip and go back to the main project, those changes are gone. Am I supposed to save that clip under a new name and then go back to the main project?

(3) In other DAWs I can make a clip be a copy of the original clip so that I can edit it independently (creates a new aif basically) how is this done? With some of these longer source sound files, I'd like to replace what is in the timeline with a new clip that is JUST the length and not a reference to the original. Hopefully to solve the memory problem (1).

All in all, I do like working with STP, it's just the working with the clips is not as straightforward as working with regions in Logic. And I love the ability to apply effects to individual clips. If I could just get that process down correctly and do these changes right. I have looked through the manual, and I think I need to spend more time in there. Just looking for some quick help. It doesn't help this is the first full film I have mixed, but it's been a blast so far!

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