Scripts only affect half of targeted "clips" in Timeline

Posted by Francois 
Scripts only affect half of targeted "clips" in Timeline
July 21, 2009 04:58AM
Fcp 6.0.6
SoundtrackPro 2.0.2
Mac OS X 10.5.7
MacPro Nehalem 2009

usual workflow
- I pick a clip in the Timeline that needs correction (among all my voice over recordings)
- I copy it, send that copy to Stp (as Stp audio file project)
- I do some EQ on that clip, save the process as an Apple script, close that Stp project, go back to Fcp, listen to it: fine ... now it's time to propagate !

I send a copy of all the other clips that need correction to Stp as "Stp audio file project" , then apply the script to them, (from the timeline where they stand in their new condition) and... disaster ! only after a few seconds the filters are applied on the clips, the beginning stays unaffected (?).

I have tried to use the Apple script on the finder. (dropping the audio QuickTimes (fortunately copies) on the script/droplet and ... the same. very strange.

I remember doing that with no problems in the past, with unedited clips. would it be because my voice over chunks are edited ( adjusted) in the timeline ? it's more of a cleaning but it's still editing.

That would be a BIG bummer for that function
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