Completely confused by the STP interface

Posted by jwilliam 
Completely confused by the STP interface
March 09, 2010 07:09PM
I'm working on my first project that needs (I believe) Soundtrack Pro, and there's things about the interface that are making me crazy.

Now, I'm an old school editor, used to mixing on the FCP timeline. I've had the STP2 Apple Pro Training Series book for a while, so out of curiousity, I worked through it to familiarize myself with the interface. I think I'm so used to the concept of mixing in FCP that I'm making the process of working in STP much more difficult than it needs to be.

The project I'm working on is that perfect storm of badness - shot on a low budget, audio levels all over the place. I thought taking it into STP would be helpful for the noise reduction, compression, and gain filters.

Here's a good example that I could use some help figuring out. In FCP, I've had to franken-bite together a sentence. It's one line of dialogue that has 6 edits. All of it needs noise reduction and a dynamic compressor. In FCP, I'd find the compressor settings for the first clip, and copy it over to the rest. In STP, I apply a compressor in the file editor to the first bite and there doesn't seem to be a way to copy that setting onto the next 5 bits on the track. So I'm manually applying the compressor setting to all of them, one by one.

That seems crazy to me, but I can't figure out any shorter way. Then I get "compressor" appearing in my actions window 5 times, and the bar underneath look like I'm applying it to the entire 30 minute source clip 5 times. Is there an easy way to do this?

I like the tools that are available in STP, and even if I'm not going to professionally mix everything I cut myself, I'd love to have better access to them. Are there any good tutorials for editors, because the tutorial book I have feels damn near useless for me.

Re: Completely confused by the STP interface
April 09, 2011 03:04PM
you posted this a year ago but i just joined so i thought i'd answer smiling smiley

there is a similar operation to FCP's copy and paste attributes, and that is STP's lift and stamp.
select the lift tool (short cut 'uu')
an ugly hud pops up called the sound palette
check the box that says lift process effects
(process effects include anything available under the process menu like your noise reduction and compressor)
click on the first clip in your frankenedit to lift the 'effects' off that clip
then carefully stamp the other clips in your timeline.
(i say carefully because you don't want to do the same clip twice by accident or it will receive double the processing.)

you will still get the all the actions on the file because STP is file based and not clip based.
(it has its advantages, although in this scenario it's certainly a disadvantage!)

the other option is to open the file in the editor (double click it from the timeline) then make a big enough selection that includes all the relevant parts you need to make your sentence and process it in there.
then tab over to your multitrack and you'll see your clips have all changed. (again, the file based system)
sometimes this works well - unless the editor has had to pull words from all over the place and the file is very long.

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