Trouble exporting Soundtrack Pro AAF to Pro Tools

Posted by mikeharring 
Trouble exporting Soundtrack Pro AAF to Pro Tools
February 28, 2011 06:02PM
Hey Guys,

I?ve searched around on the forum and net, but haven?t had any luck with my problem.

I?m trying to export a Soundtrack Pro 2 project to Pro Tools LE 8 for finishing but I've had no luck. The project exports as AAF seemingly without problem, but Pro Tools crashes whenever it tries to convert the AAF to OMF. We?ve exported both with and without video (the only possible issue I?ve been able to track down so far online) and while it seemed like the version without video made it a little farther into the conversion process PT crashed just the same.

Am I missing something? With all the other issues I've run into with STP I tend to think it's on my side and not PT.

Plus, in the area of possibly too much information? As a workaround, I tried using the export menu to send all tracks as AIFFs to Final Cut Pro figuring we could create an OMF that way. We reduced the material in FCP to just the raw files (deleting the newly formed track-specific mixdowns above) and exported those as an OMF which we then imported into ProTools. It opened without issue, except that for some reason, most of the set-recorded audio seems to have shifted in a major way. After checking, we realized that this new problem pops up somehow during the transition from STP to FCP. Also, it's not just a few frames out of sync, we?re hearing a lot of pre-roll audio that shouldn?t be drifting anywhere near where it?s turning up.

Like I said, probably too much information, but wanted to include it in case it?s another symptom for something else.

Thanks in advance!

-Mike Harring

My system:
MacBook Pro: 2.33 GHz Intel Core 2Duo; 2GB 667 SDRAM
Final Cut Pro: 6.0.6
Soundtrack Pro: 2.0.2

Pro Tools is on sound guy's newer Macbook Pro...
Re: Trouble exporting Soundtrack Pro AAF to Pro Tools
April 09, 2011 02:20PM
probably a bit late to the party here - but sometimes you can look in the destination audio folder to see how far the process gets with the conversion before it hits the problem file. (if you're not sure where this folder is just look for anything recently created by selecting TODAY under 'search for' in the finder window) then look at your timeline to see where the problem clip is. generally it is one corrupt media file that causes the process to fail. also when i say corrupt, there may be no signs of this corruption apart from when you are trying to convert it. smiling smiley
that said i haven't done exactly what you are doing with AAF, but I've had luck doing this with OMFs into STP.
Re: Trouble exporting Soundtrack Pro AAF to Pro Tools
June 23, 2011 10:54PM
hi did you ever solve the problems with the aff export?
Re: Trouble exporting Soundtrack Pro AAF to Pro Tools
June 24, 2011 12:35AM
Hey! Meant to post a follow up much sooner! We finally got the AAF files to work. My understanding is that my sound guy was able to bring them into Logic, convert to OMF, and bring that into PT. I've heard that some people haven't had as much luck, but fortunately it worked like a charm for us. Thanks for the tip, Eli! I'll keep an eye out for that in the future!
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