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Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Update Apple's Worldwide Debut

November, 2017

Final Cut Pro X 10.4 Update
Apple's Worldwide Debut

By Richard Taylor

Final Cut Pro X professionals had been waiting to see what the FCPX team has up their sleeves with the next major feature update. Since FCPX 10.3 came out one year ago, we had not seen a feature update, only bug fixes and minor enhancements. The attendees of the FCPX Creative Summit in Cupertino got Apple's worldwide sneak peak at the next major update to FCPX, version 10.4, that will be out sometime later this year.

The FCPX Creative Summit is a major once a year USA event that has some of the best FCPX professionals basically showing off FCPX for three days. There are case studies, demonstrations and sessions showing FCPX workflows and techniques. It made perfect sense to highlight a spanking new version of FCPX to the attendees at this event. And Apple did just that. Exclusive worldwide debut of FCPX 10.4. I streamed several FCPX Summit live events during the weekend over at my YouTube channel, .

As attendees, we were given a pdf for the event including a boilerplate warning that there would be no photos or video allowed while at the Apple HQ. Bloggers and media were given a special warning that this is not an Apple public sanctioned event and should not write about it. But curiously, we would be allowed to bring our laptops and iPhones.

As we got off of the shuttle buses to 1 Infinite Loop, we were greeted by Apple employees. Once again reiterating that no photos or video would be allowed while on the Apple campus.

FCPX 10.4 anticipation at the FCPX Creative Summit and announcement at Apple HQ.

We assembled into the Apple theater and took our seats. The FCPX team then presented to this select 125+ the non-NDA debut of some new major features of Final Cut Pro 10.4 for an hour or so. Specifically new features such as 360 video tools, a major color overhaul with color wheels and a white balance color picker, native LUT support, HEVC (H.265) and HDR support and a few more items. And I suspect there will be even more features when 10.4 is actually released.
At the conclusion of this presentation, those who had a blue Apple badge would go to the demo room to get a hands on with FCPX 10.4 and even the new iMac Pro.

As we were leaving the Apple presentation it was announced:
"Remember those rules where there were no photos or video allowed on Apple campus?
Those rules don't apply in the demo room where you are headed."
What!!!?? None of us could believe it! We would be allowed to take pictures and video!
When I got inside the room I decided to make sure it was indeed OK to take pictures. My conversation went something like this:
Q: We can take pictures and video in this room?
A: Yes
Q: We can take pictures of the new version of FCPX on these screens?
A: Yes
Q: This is version 10.4?
A: Yes
Q: We can post these photos to social media?
A: Yes, post to Facebook, Twitter and all of your social media accounts."
We could post the news with photos worldwide on the internet.
I immediately posted I believe the first FCPX 10.4 announcement tweet to Twitter at 2:58 Pacific Time.

The FCPX Team at Apple demoing FCPX 10.4

During their presentation, Apple referenced their 2 million seats announcement from 6 months ago and said that FCPX now has more seats than any previous version of FCP.

FCPX's install base numbers are now at 2 Million+.

Later that evening, at the FCPX Creative Summit, I caught up with Jeff Greenberg from FMC to chat about the events of the day.

FCPRadio with Jeff Greenberg at the FCPX Summit talking about FCPX 10.4

Above all else, I'd like to thank the FCPX Team at Apple who were very cordial, Jeff Greenberg and FMC who teamed with Apple to put on this great once a year conference and Lumaforge who are a platinum sponsor and major supporter of this event.

I'm really looking forward to next year!

As usual, the best Final Cut Pro professionals from around the globe will be discussing FCPX on Final Cut Pro Radio. Follow along on Twitter @FCPRadio1 or on Facebook at You can download and listen on iTunes here.

Richard Taylor is a Producer, Editor and an Apple Certified Trainer for Final Cut Pro X from the Washington DC/Baltimore Maryland area. He can be reached via his Final Cut Pro X website FCPX.TV or on Twitter @RichardTaylorTV

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