Complete Post-Production Sound / Supervising Sound Editor / Dialogue/ADR, Foley, Sound FX, Sound Design, Re-recording Mixer - BURBANK - Dog House Post (Solange Schwalbe)

Hollywood Big Screen experience for your indie budget!!

I am an Emmy Award Winner and two-time Golden Reel Award Winner in Sound Editing, and offer over 30 years experience with over 150 IMDb credits.

My sound editing experience on 35MM film has allowed me to bring my critical listening to the digital media. After 13 years of sound editing on 35MM film, I have now put in over 17 years on Pro Tools. I bring my film experience, along with Dog House Post's Award Winning team of sound editors, sound designers, composers, and re-recording mixers to the Big Screen in the independent and digital domains.

"Sound" expensive? We offer you Big Screen Hollywood quality and experience no matter what your budget is. Individual to full crew packages.

• Rates and Deliverables are based on your budget and schedule.

• Since there is no facility to maintain, THE SAVINGS ARE PASSED ON TO YOU. Our editors own their own HD and LE ProTools Systems, and all Stages are hired or 4-walled as needed.

• We can work anytime, anywhere, on any schedule, on any budget, for any reason.

• Film/TV/Web, Features/Shorts/Documentaries for theatrical release, Festivals, or straight to dvd, Red Box or Netflix

We are a group of Professionals of Post-Production Sound who want to see the success of your Independent Feature. That makes us investors in your future. It's a relationship that we want to nurture.

Each aspect of your project can be handled individually or as a complete package.

Like people, each project has different needs on different schedules.

We will work with you to achieve the highest quality sounds customized for your project.

We have experience in Voice Recording, Performance and Post Audio in Animation.

Please let us know what your schedule is, and whether it's a Festival or a Theatrical Release. We work backwards to create a realistic schedule of Deliverables in the correct format.

Solange Schwalbe