Final Cut Suite editor/motion graphics designer - LOS ANGELES - Benjamin Meyer


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The Final Cut Suite is my kung fu. I also have ample experience with Photoshop, ProTools, and Avid Meridien and Adrenaline, among other post-related software. I am familiar with decks from mini-DV all the way up through HDCam, IMX, DigiBeta, Beta SP, et al.

I recently locked picture on New Line Cinema feature "Normal Adolescent Behavior", starring Amber Tamblyn. I edited the LTN SoCal sports journal "Dialed In"; comedy bits for the CBS Late Late Show; comedy pilots for FOX and Jim Lampley's production company Crystal Spring; promos for Red Bull's sports and music programs; a documentary about Cuban boy-band the Charanga Habanera; and award-winning short films including "What Are You Having?" which was awarded the Grand Prix at Deauville by Roman Polanski, and currently airs on the IFC.

I will rock your world with my superkeen cuts and sparkly effects maneuvers. I have my own tricked system, or I am happy to cut on yours.

Benjamin Meyer