Fancy Film- Post Production Facility in Silverlake - Bill Macomber

Complete offline, online and color correction house supporting all major formats.

Fancy Film is your one-stop post house. We have the facilities and expertise to ease you through post on-time, on-schedule and with a final product that will satisfy the strictest delivery requirements. From offline editing to Digibeta and D-1 mastering to screenings, we come through where others fail.

Located in the heart of Silverlake, at Sunset Junction, our facility is designed for the hip filmmaker. But its clean, professional atmosphere will be appreciated by formal clients as well.

Our online and color-correction bay can work in real time with all major uncompressed formats. The AfterEffects bay and adjacent render farm enable us to seemlessly integrate high end filters and plug-ins.

A screening room that seats over 40 can be used to view rough cuts directly from Final Cut Pro, or any tape format. Bring in a sequence on firewire drive, Beta SP, VHS or DV tape, and see it projected on a 10'x12' screen with theater-quality sound.

We also offer DVD menu design, encoding, authoring and outsourced glass-master replication. From test DVD's to 100,000-unit full releases, our experts can deliver a product and scale that fits your needs.

Our bottom line is honesty, expertise and full client satisfaction.
Let us know how we can help you.

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Fancy Film
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