Editor / Videographer ­ LA & ORANGE COUNTY - Hoss Sarbaz


Award Winning Editor / videographer with proven production and post-production skills.
Combine creative, artistic audio and video talent to create in demand video productions for broadcast, netcast, and multimedia content.

View Demos my videos on my website @: www.hoss-sarbaz.com

Created video segments for our clients TBWA Chiat Day. One of which was a national Ad campaign for USA Films movie Pitch Black. This Ad Campaign was nominated one of the top five in the nation for year 2000. The video segment is on the home rental DVD release of the movie "Pitch Black". The second was "Sony PS2 Tour 2000" for TBWA Chiat Day.

"Falling" won 1st place in it's category (Extreme Sports) in 2002 in "The World Smallest Film Festival"

"Carolina Herrera Spring 2000" Fashion show premiered on Apple.com/Quicktime home page May of 2002.

View Demos my videos on my website @: www.hoss-sarbaz.com

Entertainment Trade Skills:

- Producer/AP - Creative Director - DV Editor/Videographer
- Internet Savvy - Mac and PC Literate - A/V Compression
- A/V Mix/Edit - Production/Post-Production - A/V Stage hand

Computer Skills & Technology Skills:

Final Cut Pro, Edit DV, Adobe Premier, Predator Trinity System
Cannon XL-1 / Digital 8 / GL-2 / Sony VX2100
Media Cleaner Pro, Adobe PhotoShop, After Effects, DVD Studio Pro, MS Word
Mac and PC Literate, Internet Savvy with basic HTML and Flash Action Script programming skills
Digital Performer, Fruity Loop, and Sound Forge XP

Hoss Sarbaz
Cell: 323-351-5060