FCP Editor/After Effects/Pro Tools in LA - Nick Sanders

I've been working in Post Production in Los Angeles for over 10 years and have a passion for making a project look and sound perfect.  At my previous job as Senior Editor/Post Supervisor, I was used to multitasking between editing, designing graphics, mixing audio and managing freelancers while producing the projects I assigned them.  Teamwork and collaboration was essential for the large-scale DVD games that we worked on for such companies as Dreamworks, Mattel, Warner Bros. and Disney.  I have edited TV spots, trailers, documentaries, short films, promos, interviews and featurettes.

SOFTWARE : Final Cut, Pro Tools, After Effects, PhotoShop, Ultimatte, Color, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, Motion, Live Type. 
HARDWARE : Digibeta, HD CAM, HD CAM SR, XD CAM HD, DVC Pro, DV CAM, IMX, BlackMagic and AJA Cards, DA88/98 

Nick Sanders