FCP editor/ DVD Studio Pro/ Camera - film and video, have video equipment/ Pro Tools audio engineering/Still photography/Photoshop - BURBANK - Randall Weatherington


Many years in the business working in film and visual effects as well as production.
Local 600 camera operator.
Produced several shorts and music videos.
Documentaries, features, commercials.
2 Final Cut Pro edit bays. (Formats: MiniDV, DVCAM, Digital 8 through regular 8, VHS)
DVD Studio Pro mastering with still and motion menus.
Videography with Canon XL1s and GL2.
Composer, writer and musician working with Pro Tools.
Large sound system for rent.
Digital still photography.
Wife is excellent with Photoshop.
Through other facilities, able to do 35mm and 16mm wetgate scanning, and filmout up to 4k resolution.

Randall Weatherington