FCP, Avid MC, Avid Symphony, DS Nitris Editor - HOLLYWOOD and OJAI - Sean P. Keenan



I've edited several shows for broadcast on Discovery, Travel, A&E, History, HBO Family as well as for theatrical release. I've just finished editing a feature length documentary and just prior to that I finished a narrative feature which will be going on the festival circuit very soon. Both of these features were edited on FCP 5 & HD respectively. All of my previous experience is with AVID including the short documentary, Mighty Times: The Children's March, which won the Oscar in 2005. I've also had extensive experience in online on AVID Meridian systems, the Symphony, and conforming on the DS Nitris. Additionally, I've had experience as a post-production supervisor where I was responsible for the installations, maintenance and all the technical fun and games for several Media Composers and one DS Nitris in addition to scheduling and editing. I know my way around most of the decks anyone is likely to have from D5's to mini-DV. I am familiar with all the tools and machines of the trade and have even "jumped the stream" between 29.97 and 23.967 in online (although I don't recommend it). I'm fast, competent, and I thrive in a deadline driven, high stress situations.

Sean P. Keenan
(805) 231-0485