SOUND POST - new luxurious studios at very affordable rates - ADR, Foley, Sound Design & Mixing in HOLLYWOOD - Soundchef Studios



Brand new facility Soundchef Studios offers complete sound post for your upcoming project.
Dedicated to professional/independent filmmakers, producers, directors and corporate clients using multimedia to present their message.
We host a comfortable and creative environment.
State of the art digital studios for film, television, radio and web production.
ProTools digital audio and JBL 5.1 surround systems, Neumann microphones, Avalon Mic preamps, etc
More than 1500 GB of hard disk storage space.

lush and comfortable studios
relaxed atmosphere
personalized attention
experienced sound engineers
internet stations for clients
located in the heart of Hollywood
ample parking
Very affordable rates

Gabe Verger

6311 Romaine Street
Suite 4325
Television Center, Inc.
Hollywood, CA 90038
Phone: 323.464.6634
Fax: 323.464.6635