FCP Editor Available w/ Home FCS3 Setup and Available HVX200 Package in L.A. - Tim Donahue

Los Angeles area (Grove/Farmer's Market) freelance editor looking to take on comedic/dramatic short projects. I also have experience in sound editing/mixing, DVD creation/authoring, Web prep, and several shorts worth of color work. I own a setup that has been fantastic for smaller/short-form projects, and have access to a custom MacPro/dual Xraid/5.1 edit suite in Old Town Pasadena that is ideal for finishing work. I'm currently shooting a feature documentary about computer hackers, but the gaps in the shoot schedule over the fall/winter months thankfully allow for some time for shorter editing projects. I'm finishing a web series in the next week and will be hungry to move on to something fun and interesting. Thanks for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you!


I've worked for a wide variety of clients, including Kodak EI, National Lampoon's College TV Network, and a handful of local directors and bands.

My current resume can be found at www.THDonahue.com http://www.THDonahue.com.

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 Tim Donahue