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-January 25, 2006-


Join us for the very first meeting of 2006 where we will welcome the Digital Heaven's Martin Baker who is flying in from the UK to show off the world premiere of...something super secret. Plus Dan Montgomery from Imagine Products will show off what is arguably the finest logging tool for FCP and OSX users, HD Log. Plus Frank Colin of Final Draft who will give us brief look at the latest version of Final Draft AV which you definitely need to see. Plus another round of Stump the Gurus, Show and Tells, FCP Tips and Tricks, and once again, World Famous Raffle. All in one night. Whew! Mark you calendar down for Jan 25. This is going to be the start of a great year

A $5.00 donation will be respectfully requested at the door

Agenda (subject to change)

6:45- 7:15PM - Stump the Gurus
Join FCP Guru Larry Jordan and special guest Gurus, Philip Hodgetts, Martin Baker and Christine Steele as they will attempt to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems concerning FCP. If they can't solve your problem or answer your How 2, then you go home with a problem but you still got out of the house, so that's not a bad thing.

7:20PM - 7:35PM - "7 steps to Easy Color Correction" -FCP Tip Trick of the Month - Larry Jordan
FCP Guru Larry Jordan will attempt to show you 7 easy steps to Color Correction in 15 minutes in Final Cut Pro. Start your watches.

7:40PM - 8:05PM - "HD Log" - Dan Montgomery
It's time to get to know perhaps the most important part of editing your movie and that is logging your footage. HD Log from Imagine Products and its Mac Library solution just might be the Videologger you've been looking for. Dan Montgomery will give us a brief look and be available for questions.

8:10PM - 8:40PM - Something Super Secret from Digital Heaven - Martin Baker
Martin Baker's Digital Heaven located in London is well known throughout the world. Martin is the author of several excellent plug-ins for Final Cut Pro as well as the QuickTime logging tool, MovieLogger, and Multicam Lite for all you FCP 4 users. He is flying all the way from the UK to show us his latest product and all we can tell you is, it will "REALLY get things moving!"

8:40PM - 9:00PM - Break
This is a chance to hang out and meet and greet and get your problems solved. Larry Jordan will be in the Lobby selling his latest book, Final Cut Pro Hands on Training as well as his latest DVD, Digital Video Principles
Intelligent Assistance will be in Lobby selling their latest creations, and talking about the newPro Apps Hub. Snacks and Beer and Wine will be on sale in the lobby. Proceeds go to the Gallery Theater.

9:00PM - 9:15PM - Final Draft AV - Frank Colin
You dont have to be a writer to use Final Draft and certainly not a writer to use Final Draft AV. Frank Colin will give a brief overview of the latest version and I'm betting you will come away needing this app. It is becoming a "must have" for Indy and corporate filmmakers.

9:15PM - 9:25PM -"3 Shorts" - Ryan Reeves - Show and Tell
From Ryan:
The first short is a 30 sec commercial I did for Pony Baseball. I acquired the footage with a Cannon GL1. I used Final Cut Pro 4 to edit the footage. I used Photoshop 7 to draw on each frame. And brought everything back into FCP to bring the project back to life. I created the soundtrack using the recorded audio from the baseball field and my sound library (Ensoniq X Audio Series CD) in the FCP timeline.

The second short is a minute and is titled The Controller. This is a story I wrote and directed about 2 kids fighting for control over the TV. I used the same tools and techniques as the previous project for this one.

The third is a music video (about 5 min) for Nate Eckman's Lonely Ghost - directed by Monica Hervey and DPed by Tom Johnson. This was shot with an Arri S and a Bolex in 16mm. The footage telecine was done by Rick Flores at Magic. I used FCP to sync the picture to the studio cd audio. After the picture was locked I rotoscoped film scratches, burns, and edge treatments to loop and incorporate into the picture using Photoshop CS. This gave the music video an old film look with a modern twist.

9:25PM - 9:50PM - Can you make 2 short films for $5,400 and make it look like it cost $54,000? - Warren Eig
The answer is yes you can and Warren Eig will show you.

From Warren:
"I will show the award winning "A Family X-mas" and "Knit wits". Both are on DVD. Both films were produced on a micro budget, with well know character actors and behind the scenes personnel.

Here is a short synopsis of each:

A FAMILY X-MAS (13min) is about a mob boss, Johnny Guccianno, who accidentally wakes up one Christmas Eve to discover Santa Claus in his living room.

KNIT WITS (5min): In a shady storeroom, two good-fellas prepare to initiate their junior partner to the "club." It turns out to be a knitting circle."

9:50PM - World Famous Raffle
HD Log - Imagine Products
($699.00 value)
MovieLogger - Digital Heaven
2 copies of Final Cut Pro Hands on Traning -
Larry Jordan
2 copies of "Digital Video Principles" DVD- Larry Jordan
Art of Encoding with Compressor - Ripple Training

5 $20.00 Gift Certificates - Paquito Mas Restaurants
Copy of DVDxDVPro - DVDxDV
WMV Studio Pro - Flip4Mac
Copy of Inside OSX Tiger - Magnet Media
Copy of Inside Final Cut Pro 5 -
Magnet Media
Copy of Inside Soundtrack Pro -
Magnet Media

FCP Keyboard KeyGuide - Neotron Design
Plug-in package of your choice - Lyric Media
Copy of Final Draft and Final Draft AV - Final Draft
Killer Titles for Live Type and Calligraphy - Intelligent Assistance
Practical Color Correction For FCP - Intelligent Assistance

1 T-shirt -
101 Final Cut Pro Tips -Intelligent Assistance

Special thanks to Promax for footing the bill and Victor Maldanado for taping the show