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-January 26, 2005-

"Plug-ins and Multicam"


The first meeting of 2005 at our new home at the Gallery theater in the beautiful Barnsdall Art Park played to an almost packed house. Appearing was demo of the Sapphire Plug-ins from Genarts. Philip Hodgetts demoed two new options for Multicam in FCP. Larry Jordan and Steve Martin showed off techniques for Keyframing Wipes and Render Management. Frederic Haubrich showed off his technique of capturing HDV into iMove and bring the footage into FCP. Also, another round of Stump the Gurus, and Show and Tells. Oh yeah, and World Famous Raffle too.


6:45- 7:15PM - Stump the Gurus
Join FCP Gurus Ken Stone, Andrew Balis, and special guest gurus, Sharon Franklin and Steve Martin as they will attempt to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems concerning FCP. If they can't solve your problem or answer your How 2, then you go home with a problem but you still got out of the house, so that's not a bad thing.






7:20PM - 7:40PM - Tip/Tick O' the Month - Render Management - Steve Martin
Rendering is always a frustrating part of editing, but there are tips and tricks to help you ease the render pain. Steve Martin of Ripple Training will show you some techniques to help you manage your renders.







7:45PM - 8:15PM - Sapphire Plug-ins from Genarts - Todd Prives
Consisting of over 175 plug-ins, Sapphire Plug-ins from Genarts have been around longer than you have and have been used in more movies than there are in the Netflix Library. These aren't your father's plug-ins. Prepare to be wowed. Todd Prives of Genarts will demo.






8:20PM - 8:40PM - Keyframed Wipes (How-to) - Larry Jordan
So, you wanna add some pizzazz to your program opens? Larry Jordan will present a very cool way to recreate the three-way animated wipe open from Charlie's Angels. And, knowing Larry, you'll also discover a lot you never knew about keyframes. the Motion tab and a very unorthodox way of using a traveling matte. Larry's presentations are not to be missed.

8:45PM - 9:05PM - Break
This is a chance to hang out and meet and greet and get your problems solved. Honestly we don't know what will be going on in the lobby until we figure out where to put the tables. But I can tell you this much: Intelligent Assistance will be in Lobby selling their latest creations, Practical Color Correction and Killer Titles for Calligraphy and LiveType and talking about the newPro Apps Hub.Ripple Training will be on hand to show off all their great DVD tutorials. Snacks will be on sale in the lobby. Proceeds go to the Gallery Theater.

9:05PM - -9:35PM - FCP Does Multicam - Philip Hodgetts
DV Guy Philip Hodgetts of Intelligent Assistance will be showing two new options for MultiCam editing with Final Cut Pro. Not another work around but real, real-time, multicamera cutting. He'll do the shootout between the open source and free LiveCut and the commercial Multicam Lite from Digital Heaven. Is free good? Or, is $295 really worth it? You'll have to be there to find out what app is best to cut LA based "Javelin's" latest guerilla-style music video.










9:35PM - 9:45PM - "The Thing" - Show and Tell - Philip Bloom
I shot a demo music video using the DVX-100a and cut a rough using storyboards in FCP. Some minor color correction was done to the end product in FCP also.

9:45PM - 9:55PM - "Keepers of the Art" - Show and Tell - Daniel Foster
Keepers of the Arts is a half-hour arts and culture travel series that showcases world artisans and their crafts, deeply influenced by cultural beliefs, rituals and spiritual ceremonies. The ten minute excerpt is from the pilot, shot in Bali, Indonesia. Created by Eye Awake Studio in association with About Time Productions.

10:00 - World Famous Raffle

Free Floor passes to VideoMaker Expo - Videomaker
Free Genarts T-shirts -

Copy of Sapphire Plug-ins - Genarts
Copy of MultiCam Lite - Digital Heaven
2 copies "FCP HD Hands on Training" - Peachpit Books
5 $20.00 Gift Certificates -
Paquito Mas Restaurants

Copy of DVDxDVPro - DVDxDV
FCP Keyboard KeyGuide - Neotron Design
Copy of Zoom -in DVD - Magnet Media
Copy of Inside FCP -HD -
Magnet Media
Copy of Inside DVD Studio Pro 3 - Magnet Media

Copy of Final Draft and Final Draft AV - Final Draft
2 Royalty Free Stock Footage CDs - ThinkStock Footage
Killer Titles for Live Type and Calligraphy - Intelligent Assistance
Practical Color Correction For FCP - Intelligent Assistance

1 T-shirt -
Copy of the Feb lafcpug meeting with Walter Murch -lafcpug

Special thanks to Promax for footing the bill and Dan Brockett and Brian Gary for shooting the DVD.