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-April 27, 2005-

"Show and Tell Night"

On Wednesday April 27, for the very first time in the history of lafcpug, we devoted the entire evening to Show and Tells. Each filmmaker were given 10 minutes each to show their movie or clips from their movie and then tell us how they did it. It's about time we did this and we hope to do this more often.

6:45- 7:15PM - Stump the Gurus
Join FCP Guru Ken Stone, and special guest gurus, Noah Kadner and Steve McCracken as they will attempt to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems concerning FCP. If they can't solve your problem or answer your How 2, then you go home with a problem but you still got out of the house, so that's not a bad thing.

7:20PM - 7:30PM - "Formosa" - Noah Kadner
Director Noah Kadner will show clips from "Formosa," his film,which just won best comedy at the Garden State Film Fest. The film was shot using the Panasonic SDX900 and edited on FCP.








7:35PM - 7:45PM - "Wake Up Dead" - Jonas Navickas
From Jonah:
The short film "Wake Up Dead" was written, directed and co-edited by Jonas Navickas while studying at the L.A. Film School. Shot on 24pHDCAM, Final Cut Pro was utilized to edit the film, both offline and online. "Wake Up Dead" was an official selection of the 2003 New York City Horror Film Festival and will soon be a part of Fangoria TV programming.
Jonas Navickas lives in Silverlake, edits exclusively on Final Cut Pro, and has several projects in various stages of production.






7:50PM - 8:00PM - "Tune Up To Success" - Dale Ellis
From Dale:
Working primarily with legacy footage shot over a few years, freelance producer Dale Ellis edited an infomercial to promote a series of seminars by top-charting jazz musician Freddie Ravel. The video shows business and non-profit organizations why booking Freddie's "Tune Up To Success" seminars will make their next conference a hit by sampling his ideas, musical performances and endorsements






8:05PM - 8:15PM - "vermillion" - Tony Petrossian
From Tony:
Who Am I?
Tony Petrossian. I'm a music video director signed to a small production company out of NY and LA called Rockhard Films. I've done videos for artists such as Hoobastank, DMX, and Slipknot. I've directed over 30 videos over that last 3 years and have mostly edited my own stuff on Final Cut. . .
What I'll be Showing:
One of my recent vids is for Slipknot's "vermillion" where we shot the whole thing on digital still photos and sequenced them in quicktime and cut in final cut. . . (click on my name and you can watch some of my work)



8:20PM - 8:30PM - "San Francisco, 1957" - Laurie Pepper
From Laurie:
I'm an independent filmmaker working on a documentary based on "Straightlife," the book I wrote with my late husband, jazz musician, Art Pepper. I'm using Art's music and his voice as narration. The movie includes enacted sequences and various kinds of animation. The clip is part of the work-in-progress, but I think it does okay as a stand-alone short film. It's called "San Francisco, 1957" and is a little over 7 minutes long with opening and end titles. -- Laurie Pepper
Check out websites below.




8:30PM - 8:40PM - "Cool Web Docs for Apple Ed" - Marco Torres
Marco Torres
is an Apple Distinguished Educator, George Lucas Educational Foundation board Member, producer, photographer, digital storyteller, and a social studies and media teacher at San Fernando High School, home of the famous San Fernando Education Technology Team. I have been making mini-web documentaries for Apple. I am going to show about 3 min cool demo reel of the work I have done over the last 8 months for Apple. The function of these movies is to engage people in conversations about what schools would look like, if all kids had 24/7 access to the powerful production tool of an Apple Powerbook for their learning, living, and creative needs and wants.

8:40PM - 9:00PM - Break
This is a chance to hang out and meet and greet and get your problems solved. Snacks and Beer and Wine will be on sale in the lobby. Proceeds go to the Gallery Theater.

9:00PM - 9:10PM - "Gaytino - Daniel Foster
From Daniel:
Selections from projection design for a one man show, "Gaytino," that recently premiered at the Kirk Douglas Theater ­ about the life of Dan Guerrero and notables in his life: Chicano painter Carlos Almaraz, Cesar Chavez, and Dan's father, Lalo Guerrero, the legendary "Father of Chicano Music," who died last month, in March.

9:10PM - 9:20PM - "House of Generals" - Dan Spigel
From Dan:
I'm Dan Spigel Producer Director of House of the Generals.A seven year project. self finance 103 min feature. No stock footage. All original battle scenes. Film contains actual WWII Tanks and Planes. A holocaust based film that has been receiving good reviews. Shot in Beta SP, DV, 16mm.
Hollywood screening planned at the Hollywood Regent in Late July 05.

9:25PM - 9:35PM - Untitled - Jeremy Saville
From Jeremy:
Jeremy Saville is an Actor/Writer/Filmmaker who's made several DV shorts. His films have been finalists at The Second City Film Festival and have been featured at The Austin Film Festival. His show ComedyLight was chosen as pick of the week by "The New Times", and he's currently working on a pilot for television.







9:40PM - 9:50PM - "Asylum" - Tony Mark
From Tony:
LAFCPUG member Tony Mark ( will be showing a trailer from his latest feature film "Asylum". Shot on the Panasonic 100a and edited in FCP, Tony will show some of the strengths of the camera and a slew of the effects of FCP. Tony was last in last year when he showed us part of his film "The Mailman" which has since sold to distributors and
if time allows, will take some questions on getting distribution on digital features.





10:00 - World Famous Raffle

1 T-shirt - - (Value $1,000,000)
5 $20.00 Gift Certificates - Paquito Mas Restaurants
Various Motion Books -
FCP Keyboard KeyGuide - Neotron Design

Special thanks to Promax for footing the bill.