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-April 28, 2004-

"The LA debut of "MOTION""
This meeting was generously sponsored by ProMax
It was the LA debut of "MOTION" plus NAB Wrap up, Multicam in Final Cut Pro, fixing bad audio, show and tells, Stump the Gurus, and of course, World Famous Raffle. Plus MORE!

Agenda (subject to change)

6:45- 7:15PM - Stump the Gurus
Join FCP Gurus, Ken Stone, and Andrew Balis, plus special guest Steve Martin of Ripple Training as they will attempt to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems concerning FCP. If they can't solve your problem or answer your How 2, then you get your pick of the raffle table. Of course you still go home with your problem but you get your pick of the raffle table.

7:20PM - 7:35PM - "NAB Wrap-Up - Larry Jordan, Steve Martin, Philip Hodgetts, Noah Kadner
A very brief discussion on what was seen and heard at this years NAB by those that were there.


7:40PM - 8:00PM - MultiCam in Final Cut Pro - Brian Gary
Many FCP Users were disappointed that true "Multicam" did not make it into the latest build of FCP so Brian Gary of Flying Chaucer Films will demo a couple methods that should make your life easier if you are dealing with more than one camera.






8:05PM - 8:30PM - Rescuing Bad Sound - Jim Perry
Jim Perry will be demonstrating some techniques for improving sub-optimal audio using the tools in Final Cut Pro as well as the Peak and SoundSoap programs from Bias. While no substitute for a highly compensated professional with ProTools, the new filters in FCP and the inexpensive solutions from Bias can make remarkable improvements in audio quality.

8:35PM - 8:55PM - Break
A chance to hang out and meet and greet and get your problems solved. Intelligent Assistance will also be in Lobby selling their latest creations, Practical Color Correction and Killer Titles for Calligraphy and LiveType. DV Creators will also be in lobby selling their latest and greatest DVD Tutorial, "DV Enlightenment" ($75.00) which will teach you all you need to know about lighting for DV. lafcpug will once again be selling "Lafcpug on DVD" the February meeting with Walter Murch. Price will be $20.00. And, hopefully the boys from Promax will be with us to show off toys and answer your questions. And more.

9:00PM - 9:40PM - Everything you want to know about "Motion" - Greg Niles
This will be the Los Angeles Debut of Apple's real time Motion Graphic Design app, Motion. This app was the big hit at the recent NAB and the Product Designer himself, Greg Niles from the Motion team will show it off and answer all your questions. Set to ship this summer Motion features real-time previews, procedural behavior animation and Final Cut Pro HD integration. It simply has to be seen to be appreciated.




9:40PM - 9:50PM - "Beaux & D'aria" -Chris Bosen and Maryellen Owens - Show and Tell
"Beaux & D'aria" is an unscripted 8-minute comic mockumentary following two "indie" filmmakers on their path to film festival glory -- think "Project Greenlight" meets "Waiting for Guffman". Shot on Panasonic's DVX100 and edited on FCP4 on a G4 Powerbook by first-time narrative filmmakers Chris Bosen and Maryellen Owens, the film was created from first shot to final output in less than 48 hours for Extreme's 48 Hour Film Festival on a budget of just $12 in miniDV tape stock. At its February premiere to two sold-out shows at the Arclight, the film won the Audience Choice Award and commendations for Outstanding Writing and Performances.

9:50P -10:00PM - "Terminal Island." - Jason Apuzzo
Writer-Director and recent USC Cinema alumnus Jason Apuzzo will be showing a trailer for his new feature, "Terminal Island." "Terminal Island" is a black-and-white suspense thriller about a young woman who is stalked around LA harbor by a terrorist, who is himself being chased by a bounty hunter. The film was shot with a Canon XL-1, edited and mixed in FCP 4 - and all on a budget of only $7000. Jason was mentored through the editing by Irvin Kershner, director of "The Empire Strikes Back."

10:00PM - 10:10PM - World Famous Raffle
FREE "Zoom In DVDs" to first 200 people through the door - Magnet Media

5 $20.00 Gift Certificates - Paquito Mas Restaurants
LiveType Textures - Ripple Training
1 EZ Keyboard for FCP - Bella-USA

Copies of SpeedTruck Challenge - Darren Purcell
Copies of "Pure Drifting" -
Dan Brockett
FCP 101 OR 201 Training Class -
DigitalFilm Tree
Copy of Color Correction for FCP -DigitalFilm Tree
Copies of DVDxDV - DVDxDV

Copies of DV Enlightment -
SheerVideo Pro Codec -

Copy of Final Draft and Final Draft AV - Final Draft
Copy of "Motion" - Apple
2 Royalty Free Stock Footage CDs - ThinkStock Footage

Killer Titles for Live Type and Calligraphy - Intelligent Assistance
Practical Color Correction For FCP - Intelligent Assistance
DVD Companion Pro Pack - Recipe 4 DVD
1 T-shirt -
Copy of the Feb lafcpug meeting with Walter Murch -lafcpug


Special thanks to Jim Perry and Dan Brockett for filming the show, Ken Stone for taking pics and Promax for footing the bill.