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August 22 , 2007

Compression, Trapcode and Mr. Deity

We welcomed Compressor Guru and author Brian Gary and Apple's Brian Hoffman and they took us on a "How2" tour of Compressor 3. John Diel and Coby Rich who showed us Sorenson Squeeze 4.5.
Brian Dalton showed us clips and talked about his hugely popular video podcast, Mr. Deity and how he does it.
Not enough? Red Giant Software showed off Magic Bullet Looks, Primatte Keyer for FCP and Trapcode for FCP and Motion.
Plus another round of Stump The Gurus and of course, World Famous raffle, where this month we gave away thousands of dollars worth of prizes..


6:45- 7:15PM - Stump the Gurus
Join FCP Gurus Larry Jordan,Christine Steele, and Brian Gary, as they will attempt to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems concerning FCP. If they can't solve your problem or answer your How 2, then you go home with a problem but you still got out of the house, so that's not a bad thing.

7:20PM - 7:50PM - 'Sorenson Squeeze 4.5' -Color - John Diel and Coby Rich
Sorenson Squeeze 4.5 professes to be as easy as 1,2,3.
1. Open an uncompressed video file
2. Select an intelligent preset
3. Press "Squeeze It"

Key New Features in Squeeze Compression Suite 4.5
Up to 3x speed boost while encoding and preprocessing
Improved H.264
3GPP and PSP output support
Meta data input and output for Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, MPEG-4, and MP3
Universal Binaries for Mac OS X on Intel
DVD disc burning
New and improved encoding presets
Enhanced preferences
Set default output location
Set the encoding thread priority

John Diel and Coby Rich will be presenting.

7:55PM - 8:20PM - Mr. Diety - Brian Dalton
Mr. Deity is one of the most popular video pod casts on the internet. It is a semi-monthly video series (every two weeks) that looks at God and the Universe with a smile. Created by Brian Dalton for the express purpose of turning it into a weekly TV series, Mr Diety has since signed a 10-episode development deal with Sony Picture's Crackle that will "enable him to pay the friends and family who work on the production, as well as select more extravagant shooting locales (a restaurant and a pool, instead of his living room)." Mr. Diety is shot using a Panasonic HVX200 in 720p High Definition DVCProHD. They also use a Redrock Micro 35mm adapter. The mic is an Audio Technica AT4073a. Compression is h.264, 480x360 pixels at 24fps, better quality, and with a keyframe every 24 frames. The audio is set to AAC, VBR 96-110, 32k stereo.

8:25PM - 8:50PM - Break
Danny O'Donnell of JL Cooper will be in the lobby showing off the brand new integrated Colorist Command Station, ECLIPSE CX. Dulce Systems will be there too. The break is a chance to hang out and meet and greet and get your problems solved. Lots of FCP Gurus come to lafcpug meetings and this is your chance to network and make contacts and get your problems solved. Snacks and Beer and Wine will be on sale in the lobby. Proceeds go to the Gallery Theater.

8:55PM - 9:30PM - Compressor 3 - Brian Gary and Brian Hoffman
Compressor Guru and author Brian Gary and Apple's Brian Hoffman will show you most all you need to know about getting started with Compressor 3 and getting those movies of yours up on the web looking as beautiful as you want them to be.

9:30PM - 9:55PM -Magic Bullet Looks, Primatte Keyer for FCP and Trapcode for FCP and Motion- Sean Safreed
Sean Safreed of Red Giant Software will show us looks you can achieve with the Magic Bullet Suite of tools. Plus we will take a look at Primatte Keyer Pro and the very cool Trapcode tools for FCP and Motion.

10:00PM - World Famous Raffle
2 copies Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite 4.5 -Sorenson

3 Copies of Magic Bullet Colorista - Red Giant Software
3 copies of Trapcode 3S Pack - Red Giant Software

Copy of Boris Grafitti or Boris FX - Boris
Various books - Peachpit
2 copies "Digital Color Correction"- Call Box

2 copies CHV FxPlug Bundle 04-2007 - CHV Electronics
Copy of VeeScope Live - VeeScope Live
$100.00 off or towards any Digital Heaven products - Digital Heaven
100 credits for the royalty free stock video clips of your choice - Revolution Stock Media
Copy of DVDxDVPro - DVDxDV
50% off Training class at Moviola - Moviola
FCP Keyboard KeyGuide - Neotron Design
Plug-in package of your choice - Lyric Media
Ken Stone dot net T-shirt - Ken Stone

Special thanks to ProMax for footing the bill and Victor Maldanado and Dean Cleary for taping the show