Timeline video will not play on NTSC monitor

Posted by Glenn Cooper 
I have a G5 Power Mac with 4.5 gigs of RAM. I am running FCP 5.0.4. The video clips I've captured play fine in the Viewer and show up on my monitor, no problem. But once I edit in the footage in the timeline, the video will not play on the monitor. All I see are still frames. As I move along the timeline, I only see updated stills in the NTSC monitor. I trashed my preferences but that didn't seem to work. Please help, I'm in the middle of an edit session. Thanks.
Under View/External Video is ALL Frames checked?
Re: Timeline video will not play on NTSC monitor
March 18, 2006 10:25PM
Just to add to that (but guessing that is it...that is ALWAYS it...)

#8 External Monitor Viewing.

Shane's Stock Answer #8:

A simple path is mac > firewire > camera or deck > rca cables > tv

Then start up your camera and tv, then open fcp.

Then go View > External video > all frames
Video playback should be Apple firewire NTSC (If you are using an NTSC set)
Audio playback should be Audio follows Video

Techinially, this should send synched video to your TV

If for some reason you can't view your timeline on your external monitor, there are a few things to try:

1) Make sure that the camera/deck is connected and powered on BEFORE you open FCP.

2) In the Final Cut Pro menu select AUDIO/VIDEO Preferences and make sure your signal is being sent out thru Firewire DV.

3) Go to the menu and select VIEW>EXTERNAL>ALL FRAMES.

4) Click in the % box above the image and select FIT TO WINDOW.

5) Go to VIEW->refresh A/V devices

6) Make sure the Log & Capture window is closed

If you want it to play in both the canvas and the external monitor you need to go to the FINAL CUT PRO menu and select AUDIO/VIDIO settings and make sure MIRROR ON DESKTOP is selected under the PLAYBACK OUTPUT section
Thanks to everyone. Apparently my video rate in my sequence (30fps) was not the same as the captured footage (29.97fps). By the way, I thought I was capturing at 30fps because my footage was telecined in non-drop and so I set up my capture settings with that in mind. However, FCP captured at 29.97 anyway. I simply changed the video frame rate in my sequence and now everything works fine. Thanks again.
Re: Timeline video will not play on NTSC monitor
March 18, 2006 11:25PM
Non-drop frame does not equal 30fps. Confusing, I know.
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