Luminance, FCP black and white levels

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<HTML>Just started using FCP 2.0.
When setting the prefs I ran across where it talks about "super white" or "white" render settings. I am shooting with the Xl1 and don't know whether it uses the 100 IRE standard or the higher (super white) up to 109 value. Apple's tech info article "about Luminance" explains what the difference is clearly, but at what luminance level does the XL1 record, anyone know?
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<HTML>You should be using the CCIR/White-DV NTSC for your sequence settings. Most mini DV gear including the XL-1 are set for legal black (which, as you stated is 100 ire). Internally, Final Cut Pro "limits" the luminance rance from 16 to 235 (corresponding to the CCIR specs) This will prevent the dreaded "luma clamping" when you render effects.

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