import dvd from vob files

Posted by mark@avolution 
import dvd from vob files
May 19, 2006 09:06AM
i have done a slide show in fcp (piece of cake!) and
would like to add the video content from an already complete

is it possible to read the vob files directly
and two, the dvd seems to be saying 640x480 at 30fps
when my project is set to 720x489 by 29.97fps
at 8 bit uncompressed Kona
(thereby my timeline is red, as the elements do not match)

my other option is to import the video off the source tape,
but this is over 2 hours of content.

i am very much a newbie to FCP, so any help is much appreciated...
Re: import dvd from vob files
May 19, 2006 09:39AM
We get this question three times a week. Use MPEG Streamclip to convert VOB files from video DVDs to FCP-compatible formats for editing.
Re: import dvd from vob files
May 19, 2006 05:57PM
maybe you made this DVD?
you say you have the original footage..

maybe you cut it down in FCP?

if so, and if you still have the FCP project file you did the edit in (you should)
you can re-capture just the parts of the tape/s used in the cut.

it'd look better than ripping it back off the DVD.

you'd have to run the cut sequence through Media Manager.
-use Create Offline mode.
-delete unused.

you;r original media is obviously offline.
i haven't done this for a while,
and FCP goes thru phases of not being able to do it properly from offline sequences.
depends what version you have,
but it may NOT trim the sequence of the unused media.

you could make an EDL from the sequence, re-import, and capture into it.

here's some potentially better advice:

when you convert the files with MPeg Streamclip,
don't convert to DV.
convert to PhotoJpeg @ 100% quality.

it'll look a lot better

in FCP, copy your sequnce
open the new sequences settings,change the compressor to PhotoJpeg 100%
drop the video in

export a QuickTime movie, self contained, same settings.
use that in DVD STudio Pro

i'm not sure if you can use anything other than DV in iDVD.
anyone else know?


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