How do I do this???

Posted by Televisionworks 
How do I do this???
May 21, 2006 11:31PM
Hi there,
I follow the advise of getting a 500GB internal hard drive inside my G5Quad. Done that. All is working fine.
But now I have 2 LaCie external drives and I would like to do the following:
I edit in my internal drive all materials, then I like to export everything,(time line, files, titles, ect) from the internal drive to the external drive, so if the cleint wants to come back with changes in 2 weeks I will have it all in the Lacie drive and back to the internal drive again.
So... I have try to copy the files from internl to the external, Look like I did it good and then all was OFF LINE (white -red)
The question of the day is :

What is the proper normal procedure to transfer ALL from internal to external and vice-versa?

Thanks in advance!

Television Works

Re: How do I do this???
May 22, 2006 12:23AM
in the browser, select everything that is offline. right click and select "reconnect media". IF you were a good organized boy and kept your file/folder structure intact, it SHOULD locate all the files once you point it to the first one.

you may have to go though and reconnect things that were in sub folders.

this is another reason that a few of us here have STRICT file management practices. do a search of the forum for "file management" or "folder structure" and other related terms - weve covered this in DETAIL.

enjoy - WG

"fellow houstonian"
Re: How do I do this???
May 22, 2006 12:44AM
Hi Wayne!
Thanks for the tip.... But what about the flow of copying the materials from internal to external drives... How do you do that?
Daniel Postan
West Houston, TX

Re: How do I do this???
May 22, 2006 01:13AM
well, IF you organized all your work efficiently, (the way many of us here do) its just a matter of dragging that project folder over to your external drive, resetting your scratch disk and off you go. im not certain about this part but as i recall, if all your files are in a single containing folder, you may not even have to reconnect your media...

if you have dissorganized media spread out all over your internal dive you will have to find those folders and files then drag all of them to your external drive.

even in the worst case senario, its just a matter of manually reconnecting all your files. unless of course youve deleted something - which is a frequent symptom of a dissorganized editor
Re: How do I do this???
May 22, 2006 04:06AM
Let me just throw in a word of caution:

It is very, very dangerous to have two sets of files with identical file names for "brain" files like FCP project files. For example, if you copy everything to the Lacies, then you have two copies of your project file with the same name. Say now you're editing with the project file on the external drive. You now have two copies of a file with the same name, but different contents -- the copy on the external will be your updated cut, and the one in your internal drive will be outdated. Drag a file the wrong direction and you overwrite your current cut, with almost no chance of recovery.

Whenever you create clones, make sure that items with identical names will have identical content no matter how far into the project (for example, batch-captured clips rarely change their content). If some of the files will get updated, give them different names, or delete the old copies once you've verified that the new copies are up and running.
Re: How do I do this???
May 23, 2006 01:08PM
Been there with most of the issues you cite about dupe files and agree fully.

I run on an internal RAID, where back-ups are wise and frequent... A way I have used to handle this is to give the root level back-up folder a slightly different name (like "Project" & "ProjectBU"winking smiley and then use Prosoft Data Back-up to write all the changes in the "working" (RAID) copy to the back-up copy. The advantage of using the Prosoft approach is that it does an incremental back-up, only new data is written. This makes it pretty speedy. I also tend to take the back-up offline while editing to prevent confusion.
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