MacBook and FCS

Posted by jusrus 
MacBook and FCS
May 21, 2006 11:51PM

An interesting link here -


Now the thing I find really interesting is that I use my PB 12" 867 with 640mb RAM quite successfully with Final Cut 5 etc. Sure, it doesn't have the grnt of my G5 2ghz dual, but it is more than handy for quick edits on the road.

So surely the only difference between the new Macbooks and my old PB is a HELL of a lot of processor power, and the onboard graphics. Everything I have read regarding the onboard is that games/Motion will suffer, but actual VIDEO PLAYBACK should be more than sufficient.

Any opinions? I'm really thinking about moving the laptop to Intel while I can still sell my 12 inch PB for a decent amount of money....

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Re: MacBook and FCS
May 21, 2006 11:55PM
Seems it will install and work but Motion may not work as you might want it too. For FCP I'd think it would worrk just fine. Just need someone to try it.

Re: MacBook and FCS
May 22, 2006 12:43AM
Get the MacBook Pro. THey are designed for this. Macbook are basically ibooks.

If you want to professionally edit, don't get the Macbook...get the macbook pro.

I hate that naming convention. no way to keep it short.
Re: MacBook and FCS
May 22, 2006 01:08AM
Naming convention I reckon is :-

MB = Macbook
MBP = MacBookPro

OK, I just went to my local NextByte in Melbourne who have one on display. Quiet in there, so I played with it for 15 minutes or so: -

1. The glossy screen is a bit whatever. Yes, it is different, but they have a heap of lights, fluros etc in there, and I noticed no reflections like I have done with comparable cheap PC laptop screens.

2. I was AMAZED at its general hands on performance. It didn't have FCP installed, but I booted and ran all the 'i' apps - Garageband opened in 9 seconds, iDVD about the same. Reboot took 20-25. This was a 1.83 with the standard amount of RAM in it - I was VERY impresesd.

3. The keyboard felt good - different, with IMO a better response than the last gen iBooks, maybe on par with my 12" Powerbook.

4. Heat was less than my partners' iBook, and certainly less than my Powerbook. Sales guy said the machine had been on all day too (4pm), and really reckon it probably was winking smiley

5. Went and tried a MacBookPro too. IMO the improvements aren't enough to justify the extra $1050 AU. I'm sure that for the basic editing I do on my laptop compared to the G5, I'll be more than happy.

So that's my impressions - if anyone has any questions let me know.

Re: MacBook and FCS
May 22, 2006 01:21AM
My thing is this.

every ones like oh, this can't run that, and this new computer can't run that.

I run fcp5, and ae7 on my 12 inch powerbook g4 with a 20.1 inch monitor off a mini dvi to dvi output (whcih if you didn't know is just adding onto the laptops struggle)

now i'll admit, it's no quad, and ive never run motion on the thing (i prefer a.e.) but still, it runs, and does what i need it too.

and from the looks of it the macbook is faster than this. let alone the mbp which is rather faster.

so yea, maybe youll have isues with spore, (whenever that gets released) but fro edditing you'll be more tha fine.

also people are all going out and spending a couple grand on these new intels, and I have to wonder (as i was thinkin gof doing this myself) why spend the money now, save up and get one of the intel towers and have no issues with any program as we burn by the quads, adn for that matter all consumer pc's like a blackbird blowing by the wrightbrothers plain.

as a side note, the craziest thing ive ever done on my powerbook
flash videotutorial at 12inch size resoultion, photoshop cs2 open with bridge as well as illustrator, adobe aftereffects and adobe help center all going at the same time, i sware i could have hooke up a pipe to the back of the thing and had a leaf blower

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Amateur Teacher
Re: MacBook and FCS
May 22, 2006 01:23AM
I can't wait to get my hands on one of the new Macbooks. Of course I don't plan do run FCS on it. But it's a great little machine for the price.

- Justin Barham -
Re: MacBook and FCS
May 22, 2006 07:03AM
I ran the 17 inch through it's paces the other day -- and with FCP - it rocks....much faster than my dual 2gig G-5 tower that is loaded with ram and upgraded graphics cards.

First impressions.

Motion (on G-5 Tower - get a coffee while it loads)
(on 17inch MacBook Pro -- blink and you'll miss the load time - nearly instant up and running!)

FCP - was loaded with usual FCP 5 demos -- HDV -- 12 and 8 stacked Dynamic RT tracks ..some were DVCPro HD stacked running dynamically. Ran very choked a little on the stack of 12 DVC Pro HD clips running simultaniously....but if you turn off dropped plows right through it. Amazing.

This is one zippy machine! Only downside is having the keyboard set so far back on the computer..I'm used to the smaller Powerbook.....but this is one rocket propelled machine... Andy
Re: MacBook and FCS
May 22, 2006 12:53PM
and for that 1 problem, i recomend a wireless keyboard/mouse setup (like the one i use made from micrsoft, it has a windows key and a alt key and confused those over thinking keyboard watchers) and bam, no more problems and you get a number pad, home and end keys, a whole bunch of programables, and your Fkeys don't get screwey

Amateur Teacher
Re: MacBook and FCS
May 22, 2006 07:30PM
when i tried wireless there was a slight lag.
maybe that's improved?

don't want a lag when entering in/out points smiling smiley

Re: MacBook and FCS
May 22, 2006 08:04PM

I assume you are referring to the wireless keyboard/mouse not airport?

I have a logitech trackball that I use every day with no problems - it is RF not Bluetooth tho.

Anyone used a MacBook yet?

Re: MacBook and FCS
May 22, 2006 08:10PM
yes, keyboard/mouse

ah!.. the one i tried was bluetooth.

ok, i'll try a wireless one,

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