canvas size stays at 22%

Posted by Jennx 
canvas size stays at 22%
July 18, 2006 11:48AM
Hi there!

I am having trouble with changing my canvas size from 22% I cannot seem to select and change the size on the actual canvas panel to "fit all" or "fit to window". Any ideas? Is there a preferences panel or something that controls this?

Many thanks,
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Re: canvas size stays at 22%
July 18, 2006 12:06PM
So you are saying after you select "Fit to window" it stays at 22%? Can you change it to 400% or 12% or does it always stay at 22% You working on a PowerBook? What happens if you hit Shift +Z? (Make sure Canvas is active window.)

Re: canvas size stays at 22%
July 18, 2006 08:25PM
Thanks Mike.

See what's happening is every time I try to insert the VTS file from my Browser into the timeline, it shows up on the canvas as a smaller film, a little film in the middle of a big black box. It reads as being at 22%. Even when I create a sequence, it is created as a little film inside a big box. I have never encountered this before....

I can change it to 400% but it loses its resolution on the canvas screen. Drastically.


Re: canvas size stays at 22%
July 18, 2006 09:56PM
The big black box is your actual frame size. The grey area around this is outside the frame. I'm guessing this is a non standard clip, like something from a phone camera?

Changing the size of the canvas won't change the size of the clip. If you need the clip to fill the entire frame you have to scale it up, and you will lose a lot of clarity when you do that.

What are you trying to do - what kind of project? Could you use several pics in the same frame? Or is it more like a News thing where you need to get mobile phone footage big enough to fill the screen no matter what it looks like?
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