Another Anamorphic question...........

Posted by razorbabyy 
Another Anamorphic question...........
December 08, 2006 09:47AM
Final Cut 5.1.2

The client gave me a PSD file that contains stills he wants us to use as titles.

The PSD canvas is sized to 720x480.

when I bring the PSD into the timeline it does not fill the anamorphic screen.

What am I doing wrong?
Re: Another Anamorphic question...........
December 09, 2006 11:41AM
It sounds like your sequence settings are set to 16:9. 720X480 is standard 4:3 aspect ratio. I forget what the pixel count has to be for a widescreeen image but you could search the forum and find it I'm sure. Or else export a still from your sequence and bring it in to Photoshop and see what it's ratio is.

Re: Another Anamorphic question...........
December 09, 2006 12:27PM
Compressor generates 853.3 x 480 QT from anamorphic DV sequences. That's the number I have been using when I get squeezed QTs from various sources.

It would be 864 x 486 if you were working with CCIR601 anamorphic.

Your clients PSDs should have been composed with widescreen in mind. If they weren't you'll have to decide to either stretch them to fit, leave them unstretched which wouldn't work if there were elements that went from edge to edge, or recompose them in Photoshop at the proper aspect ratio.

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