Recomendation for Final cut users looking to purchase storage devices for their HD cameras,

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Recomendation for Final cut users looking to purchase storage devices for their HD cameras: Stay away from the Sony HVR DR-60. In HD mode it records M2T files, requiring additional software to convert the files into quicktime files, conversion becomes extremely time consuming, negating the positive aspect of the relatively quick upload (roughly 1/4 of real time playback). In DV mode it records AVI files also requiring additional rendering. I'm hesitant to quit easily and sell this drive, does anyone have any recomendations of how to accomodate the conversion process of these file types?.. how to convert AVI files into regular quicktime files using the media manager, or what type of software to use to convert M2T files...I'm using Streamline, which seems to work alright, albeit quite slowly? If any other Final Cut Users made the mistake of purchasing this sony product and are encountering the same problems, don't hesitate to post to this thread, comments, recomendations, solutions anyone?
why wouldnt you just shoot to tape? that device looks hackneyed as hell... from an FCP standpoint
This thread reminded me (and sorry to steal it, but...) -

I use an HVX200 and have recently started playing with the host feature in the camera - the ability to save files directly to disk without using a computer.

The question is: can the HVX200 use one of the new USB OTG (on the Go) drives for this? even though it wouldn't be monitored, it might be a neat solution for extra storage.


sorry harry, but im pretty certain the answer to that is no. thats why they make firestores and citydisks.

besides usb2.0 is not fast enough to shoot to

The HVX200 has a host mode where it will transfer P2 data onto a Firewire drive, setup as Host.
You leave the P2 cards in the camera and go into MCR mode.... it's described in the manual.

The issues are: when you use the HVX to initialize this FW drive, it takes it ALL over. I believe you can capture 15 total P2 partitions to this drive before you are through using it. You can not be shooting to the P2 when transferring the data to the FW drive, either. It kinda' takes the necessity of a P2 removal and insertion but you can't be recording to the other P2 card in a 2 card setup.

Lets see - 8 GB x 15 = 120 GB. Perfect drive size for this operation.

And, of course - you can use FCP Uncontrolled Log and Capture over Firewire to stream data until the MacBook Pro disk fills up to capture log form recordings and without a P2 card in camera.
Right, I've used it and it works fine - and is the root of the question. I was looking for a way to do it over USB.

The reason I ask about USB and the HVX is because of the USB OTG Drives. These drives contain their own host controller and many also have a rechargeable battery. They work by having a button on the drive that, when pushed, performs an automatic media copy from compatible devices, like cameras and consumer camcorders. They're clearly marketed toward consumers looking for a way to store snapshots in the field when their memory cards fill up - like on vacations and such when one doesn't want to lug around a laptop.

This seems like it might be a nice addition to a run and gun HVX rig, if the USB OTG host controller doesn't blow up the HVX while doing it's thing.

Personally, i always prefer firewire, but the USB OTG thing seems too convenient not to at least investigate.


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