.avi + NTSC 29.97 audio

Posted by MikeDerk 
.avi + NTSC 29.97 audio
June 04, 2007 02:38PM
So, without going into the details as to why, here's my situation.

I have my video on in .avi form, and my audio at 29.97 shot with a Canon XL-1.

I'm going to be uploading it all shortly, but was looking for suggestions on my workflow.

My video isn't going to have timecode, or at least it's not going to have timecode that resembles the timecode on the audio. (My assumption is that I'm going to be manually syncing this all later, which sucks, but it's not a very long project.)

If you have suggestions to get around that, please tell me.

Secondarily, I may pull in some 29.97 video. I've never merged two frame-rates before. Are there some prepatory steps that I need to take?

Thank you,

Re: .avi + NTSC 29.97 audio
June 04, 2007 10:01PM
<<<I've never merged two frame-rates before.>>>

What two framerates?

Re: .avi + NTSC 29.97 audio
June 04, 2007 11:47PM
Unless I'm mistaken, .avi files are 30 frames per second, and the Canon XL-1 files are 29.98 fps.

I'll primarily be using the .avi files, and in the end, everything is going to be output to mp4 and wmv.
Re: .avi + NTSC 29.97 audio
June 05, 2007 01:20AM
AVI is a wrapper like QuickTime. It will hold whatever video you put in it.

I've never seen an AVI at 30.00. That would be the black and white television standard from 1965. Most unusual.

Re: .avi + NTSC 29.97 audio
June 05, 2007 01:28PM

You are right. The files are QT, but they are still 30fps. (They were taken on a still camera.)

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