Font missing warning

Posted by Philip Ohler 
Font missing warning
June 07, 2007 11:33AM
Please oh please Apple!

When sharing projects in a multiple workstation environment and using a font managment tool such as Font Reserve, there's no way of knowing what font was used in a project if it isn't already active. FCP will randomly substitue a font for the missing font. There are many programs that give you a warning as you open the file/project that a font is missing. Why can't FCP? Also a problem trying to restore archived projects.

Please, please. pretty please!
Re: Font missing warning
June 07, 2007 12:40PM
It's a good point, Philip. You should post this to "Features Request". I wish there was a way for applications to retain the name of the missing font. Three times I've encountered a problem where the death of my system drive last year caused some of my design elements to go missing and I've had to do a wild goose chase to figure out what the missing font is so I can re-download it.
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