How do I output to 5.1?

Posted by Katrin1980 
How do I output to 5.1?
October 17, 2008 08:11AM
I've just watched a tutorial from the newsletter about 5.1 outputting in FCP but I'm still not sure how to do it.
To explain: I don't have 5.1 system up in here in my office but downstairs in my home cinema/screening room...
In the tutorial they simply adjusted the sequence settings to 5.1 and then assigned the single tracks with an output.
Is this how it works? Which settings would I need for outputting to quicktime?
I don't wanna burn 10 DVDs just to find out if it's working and how that's why I'm asking.

Oh and...I'm a newbie winking smiley and never worked with 5.1 before.
Any help appreciated!
Re: How do I output to 5.1?
October 17, 2008 11:53AM
When you say system downstairs what do you mean? What kind of monotoring system do you have? You can't do this without a properly calibrated monitoring system. As a wise man once said its like color correcting using a black and white monitor.

So if you don't have the tools don't even try.

Send it out.

Michael Horton
Re: How do I output to 5.1?
October 17, 2008 01:14PM
oh, well, I don't. I just have a Teufel surround system. And I thought if I just created enough tracks in FCP and tell the system to use 5.1 while outputting to DVD it would work.
Sorry for asking so stupid questions and thanks for your patient answers!cool smiley
Re: How do I output to 5.1?
October 17, 2008 01:57PM
There are no stupid questions. smiling smiley

It really is impossible to do a 5.1 mix without a properly calibrated monitoring system set up in a proper room. And that ain't cheap. I imagine some folks have done it and it went OK, and they can give us tips, but you really will save money and time in the long run by sending out to a post house. If you live in LA check out the Talent directory and say your are from lafcpug and make a deal.


Michael Horton
Re: How do I output to 5.1?
October 17, 2008 04:44PM
oh, well, maybe I should explain my situation then: I've teached all I know about editing myself, got the software, all the books and a great mac pro. What I do is cutting ripped movies into trailers (viewable on youtube) and music videos to prepare myself to get a job here in Germany or (preferably) in LA.
I got a Harmony Audio thingy and my bf thought it would make putting out to 5.1 possible...but it caused a lot of problems (screen freezing) so I shut it down.
And a little OT: Mike, you gotta know Dan Curry from your work on Star Trek, right? I looked you up on imdb. He's our friend and partner. The world is sooo small.smiling smiley
Re: How do I output to 5.1?
October 17, 2008 10:31PM
Wie Gehts?

The 5.1 mix is done is STP. You do need proper monitoring tools but I think you can experiment with it and your home system.

As an aside, I suggest that you take a pro editing class so you can fill in the gaps in your self-training. Most people like you have some trouble editing fluidly or without too much pausing if you understand me.

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Re: How do I output to 5.1?
October 18, 2008 04:20AM
Thanks Kevin, mir gehts gut und dir? grinning smiley
Yeah I know, I already attended a class at Moviola...but of course it's difficult because we're only 4-5 times in LA each year and of course the classes don't always match my schedule.
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