Firewire 800
October 12, 2009 08:16PM
You fine LA people must have an answer to this:

I have relocated my ProMax external drive to another room to eliminate fan noise. I discovered dropped frames and marginal capturing ability at this distance with a 30 foot FW 800 cable. Do firewire 800 boosters work well with video? I generally stay away from hubs, etc so as not to invite any throughput issues.

Thanks, wonderful SoCal People!

Mark in OKC
Re: Firewire 800
October 14, 2009 12:53AM
Is this going directly into your workstation?

It's well within the 100-meter (328 feet) max but...

- Loren

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Re: Firewire 800
October 14, 2009 12:59AM
I do know of a place that had the machines in the other room, and all we had was the screens, monitors and mouse... Although I don't really like the walk to the machine every time I had to insert a dvd into the machine.
Re: Firewire 800
October 14, 2009 09:56AM
Ah, but the annoyance of that short trip is far outweighed by the ability to patch any system into any room. ThinkLogical fibre extenders are outrageously expensive and worth every penny.

Re: Firewire 800
October 14, 2009 01:39PM
i set up a video system for a city council and was told to use a FW relay every 25ft to maintain the flow to the control bay. I did and have had no problems since the 2008 install.
This was just for capture.

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Re: Firewire 800
October 14, 2009 03:58PM
Thanks, ya'll

Will saddle up Buster, ride into town and buy me one.

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