Upgrade: some FCP filters not in the effects folders

Posted by eyeseesound 
Upgrade: some FCP filters not in the effects folders
May 30, 2010 04:35AM
Had an enforced upgrade to snow leopard.

Have spent the last 2 days reinstalling everything and trying to see if it all works (mostly seems fine so far). But some of my third party filters are not showing up in the effects tab, eventhough it appears they should work.

Nattress Film Effects transitions don't show up at all, and only the Chroma and Deinterlace filters show up. I mailed graeme and he says all should be good. I deleted those filters from the plugins folder and tried again, still not there. Checked permissions and they are read and write.

Another filter I have: whip pan by digital heaven is in my plugins folder, but isn't in the effects tab. i opened an old project which used it and the project reads it fine, so i double clicked on the filter (it opened in the viewer) and moved it from the viewer to my favourites, then from there onto a clip and it works.

So the filter is there, but like Nattress (and his standard conversions) can't be seen.

I went to Effects > Effects Availability and set to all and still nothing.

I've tried googling it but very little relevant appears to come up.

Any ideas or thoughts?

Re: Upgrade: some FCP filters not in the effects folders
May 30, 2010 05:00AM

ok, don't know what was wrong, but i guess a conflict happened.

In the end I turned off all my FX Factory plugins, emptied my plugins folder, removed MB Looks and started putting the plugins back into my folder. They all appeared, including the Eureka one's I'd forgotton about and the Nattress etc.

Turned on the FX Factory effects and all still good.

Reinstalled MBL and all still good.

Weird, but resolved.
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