fcp crash really need help

Posted by ruben 
fcp crash really need help
November 10, 2010 12:25AM

my fcp often crashes when i use my second monitor for previews it just goes off ( 2nd monitor) and then rotating ball spins for ever.

this is happening now quite often also fcp tends to halt if I m doing advance edit trim or with 4 to 5 layes of vid footage this was not with the previous ver 5. but 6.06 this happening a lot is there any way solve this ,

will be highly helped

Re: fcp crash really need help
November 10, 2010 09:58AM
What codec are you editing with and are you using any third-party plugins?

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Re: fcp crash really need help
November 13, 2010 08:19AM
Did you do the "usual" things like trashing your prefs and repairing the disk permissions?

Does your 2nd monitor run on a different (maybe even slower or less capable) graphics card?
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