Want to clean out demo plugins

Posted by harry323 
Want to clean out demo plugins
February 02, 2011 05:01PM
Hail, O Wise Ones.

I have a whole bunch of demo plugins that I want to ditch. But when I try to find out where they are through Spotlight, they don't appear.

Why O Why? He cried.

Even when I type the word PLUG into Spotlight it does not find the majority of my plugins or the main FCS plugin folder which is in fact at: Library, Application Support, FCP System Support, Plugins.

It beats me.

For instance, I have a whole slew of Christoph Vorheim's plug demos which appear in my EFFECTS/BROWSER in FCP, but I can't locate these little buggers on my system, despite the fact that Christoph's plugs all appear (in the browser) in folders which start with "CHV". If I enter CHV into this wretched Spotlight thing the only hits are his "Developer Tools" and "Import QC etc".

It may be that, in a moment of rage at the way Spotlight sometimes - unasked - commandeers my machine to do endless indexing, I have messed up Spotlight itself.

Can this mystery be solved?

1st prize for the best answer gets my D-Vision rig.


Re: Want to clean out demo plugins
February 02, 2011 05:02PM
Did you try a simple ol' APPLE-F (Find) in OS?

Re: Want to clean out demo plugins
February 02, 2011 05:15PM
Yes, Sir. I did. And I still can't find the CHV demos I want to ditch.

Thanks for the reply, Derek. Any further ideas appreciated.

Maybe I have broken everything and it's The End for Harry.


Re: Want to clean out demo plugins
February 02, 2011 08:54PM

As Derek recommended, you want to use the Find command in the Finder (command-F). However, Spotlight (and the Find command) doesn't search in system folders by default. You will have to click on the "plus" button to add another search criteria. Usually the default criteria is "Kind". If you click on that pop-up menu, you can select "Other..." at the bottom. This will open a dialog window, from which you can choose "System files". Then, choose "System files" for the search criteria and change the following pop-up menu to "are included".

Doing this should cause the Find command to search system folders, such as "/Library".

A manual way to do this is to check this folder for plugins:

/Library/Application Support/Final Cut Pro System Support/Plugins

FXPlug plugins are here:


There may be other places to look (or maybe not)... I can't recall off-hand.

Another search tool, which doesn't depend on Spotlight, is EasyFind.

Re: Want to clean out demo plugins
February 02, 2011 09:50PM
Have used the mac forever and didn't know that Find File trick -- had resorted to using a shareware product called --Find File that doesn't require the plus and - gymnastics each time you search

It's free and you can find it here

Find File Free Utility

Perfect for quickly finding and eliminating troublesome preferences that spotlight and the finder won't easily locate
Re: Want to clean out demo plugins
February 03, 2011 04:00AM
Harry do you have the FCS Maintenance Pack?

If so you have the Plug-in Manager in that suite!

If you don't have FCSMP then you really are missing out on another 'must-have' FCP app.

For instant answers to more than one hundred common FCP questions, check out the LAFCPUG FAQ Wiki here : [www.lafcpug.org]
Re: Want to clean out demo plugins
February 03, 2011 11:04AM
As Ben said, FCS Maintenance Pack is a must have.

To find all things related with/to CHV you can also use the Terminal app in your utility folder.
mdfind CHV

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