Posted by Delphinus 
February 03, 2011 12:37PM
I got a response from a question to LAFCPUG that I use Compressor to compress my 83 minute movie. As advised, I went to the

Best Quality
90 minute

setting and dragged the MPEG-2 file and the AIFF file to the horizontal bar, then targeting an external drive. My question is, how do I activate the program to start the compression? Do I just hit the play arrow in the large screen (which starts the movie)?
Re: Compression
February 03, 2011 12:44PM
There's a "Submit" button on the lower right.
Re: Compression
February 03, 2011 12:54PM
Hey Stan

It is really is a requirement of any new package to read the manual - at least the first chapter! tongue sticking out smiley

I suggest you learn the basics by reading the documentation. Otherwise you'll be coming back here to ask simple questions that is handled in the Chapter "Getting Started Quickly".

All the Pro Apps Manuals can be access by opening the relevant App.

Then going to the Help menu.

Then choosing (in this case) Compressor Help.

You won't have to wait for one of us to write a response winking smiley

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Re: Compression
February 03, 2011 12:58PM
No problem. I'll do that. Thanks. Seems like I had everything set up but just needed to find a way to activate the program, and "Submit" didn't do it. I'll read through the instructions. THanks, guys.
Re: Compression
February 03, 2011 01:08PM
One thing, however. I do have a document "Compressor User Manual: Using Final Cut Pro with Compressor" which indicates that after I have saved my FCP project I would choose FILE, SEND TO, then COMPRESSOR. However, there is no COMPRESSOR option in the drop-down FILE, SEND TO. Hence, I opened up Compressor, loaded in the QT movie, choose the MPEG-2 and AIFF files, chose a target, then hit the SUBMIT button. Nothing happened. I'll just read on. Nothing is "simple" in this digital world.
Re: Compression
February 03, 2011 01:31PM
While it is a possible workflow, no one here will suggest that you use the "send to compressor" option from FCP.
The better choice is to export your sequence using Export Quicktime and then once that's done import the resulting QT into compressor and add your settings then submit.

Are you actually dragging your compressor choices to the main window where your video is?

Sleeplings, AWAKE!
Re: Compression
February 03, 2011 01:47PM
Here's what I have done. From FCP I created a QT movie of the 83-minute project. I opened Compressor, hit Add File to bring in the movie, then went to "Settings, Best Quality 90 minutes 4:3". I dragged MPEG-2 and AIFF to the top window, went to Target and selected an external drive. When I highlighted both, the viewer on the right only showed bars and tone. When I highlighted the MPEG-2 file only, the viewer had the movie in it. I thought that hhitting the Submi button would activate the compressor program, but I only got a dropdown box with a Submit button to get rid of it. The only other thing I thought of doing was to hit the Play button on the viewer. After I did this, the movie stutters through the viewer, which leads me to believe the program is working. That is what it is doing right now, but I no way of knowing if the procedure was correct, in that the built-in tutorial does not seem to jive with the program itself.
Re: Compression
February 03, 2011 01:56PM
Stan did you actually read through the manual yet because on Getting Started Quickly is Quick and Easy Compressor Workflow: Batch Template Method and Stage 3 of this is "Submitting the Batch" and at the bottom of that page is this paragraph:

"After you submit a batch, you can open the Compressor History window or the Batch Monitor application so you can monitor the transcoding progress of your batch. You can also set Compressor Preferences to open Batch Monitor automatically."

Had you done this you would see that (if working correctly) your progress will be shown.

I think it best to watch the video I posted and then refer to the manual carefully - I think you are skipping steps and not reading the full articles which is why you are missing vital information.

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Re: Compression
February 03, 2011 02:42PM
Might help if I actually link the video!

Follow this if you are having a boring time reading the manual.

For instant answers to more than one hundred common FCP questions, check out the LAFCPUG FAQ Wiki here : []
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